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Finally on the Right Track?

Hey there everyone!

I'm Kate, 29 years old and (hopefully) finally starting on the right track to getting a diagnosis. My journey started when I was 16, and routinely hospitalized for severe right sided abdominal pain. Doctors then did an upper GI study with barium swallow, which hit a closed-off part of my intestine and forced me to have an emergency bowel resection, gall bladder removal, and appendix removal. Since then, I've been in and out of the hospital for the same right-sided abdominal pain and never gotten an answer. I've heard everything from kidney infections to adhesions to pain with ovulation to the most popular: "we can't find anything wrong, so it must be in your head." Once the severe pain passed, usually about a week, I was always left with a level of background pain but since the symptoms had "improved," no doctor ever followed up further.

Fast forward to this year, and I got a vaginal infection at the beginning of this month and it's been a quick downward spiral ever since then. I've had constant abdominal pain, unbelievable fatigue, bloody d, low grade fevers, night sweats, rapid weight loss........I'm barely functioning right now. Fortunately (I think?) my insurance changed at the beginning of this year so I got a new GP due to that. He right away suspected a bowel problem, and put me on meds for IBS. Of course they did nothing, but led me to research it.

One website I came across in my research was about the differences between IBS and IBD..........when I read about the symptoms of Crohn's, I fit just about every single one. It was seriously like a light bulb went on and I finally had some reassurance, even if only via Google, that the last 13 years have NOT been all in my head. I suppose this is where the tough part comes in, getting a doctor to be able to make the diagnosis so I can get into some sort of remission.

My GP has referred me to a GI who, fortunately, specializes in IBD and Crohn's. So my main question is, how do I make the most of my appointment and get him to listen to everything? I think I'm finally on the right track, hopefully with the right doctors, and maybe I'll finally get off this damn carousel!
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Write list of questions and strange effect of what you think might link. Good luck.
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I'm just thinking -- when they do surgery they would have also done pathology on the parts they they removed, and this should have some evidence of Crohn's. Is there any chance that you could get those records to bring to your GI appointment? They might be helpful in giving your new doctor a complete picture. I definitely second Joesphine's rec to write things down beforehand, especially the whole chronology of your symptoms and treatments.

Also, if you're near Philly, there's a CCFA education day at Thomas Jefferson this Sunday. It might be helpful even though you're undiagnosed right now.
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I wrote a chronological symptom list and all the different drs diagnoses over the past 5 years. I included even the smallest seemingly unimportant thing and handed it to the gastrodoc as soon as I went in. I knew that way I wouldn't forget anything important. Have you had a colonoscopy? It may be worth asking for a more recent one with biopsies.

It's also worth just asking straight out if it could be Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis (adding the latter just so they feel the diagnosis is left with them) and tell them why you dont think its IBS.

Good luck
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Hi Estrella and welcome. I concur with the others who have said to write everything down. When I go to my GI, I usually bring 3 lists with me:

A list of all my symptoms (even ones that don't seem related to my digestive issues - if you have anything like joint pain, eye pain, skin issues, etc - write them down too!)

A list of all the medications, vitamins and supplements I currently take (certain things can interact with each other, this is even true of vitamins and supplements)

And a list of all my questions for the doctor.

I also bring a blank piece of paper and a pen so that I can take notes. My mind tends to go blank when I'm in the doctor's office, so having everything written down helps me remember what I want to talk to the doctor about and also remember everything my doctor told me.

Good luck with your new GI! Don't expect to get diagnosed at your first appointment, but hopefully you can get lots of info and some diagnostic tests scheduled too.
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Ugh, what a terrible weekend this was!!! Had major abdominal pain all weekend long, which ended in a trip to the ER last night. Good lord, was that ever a mistake. My doctor was the biggest goon I've seen in a long time. He looks at my mile-long hospital record and freaks out. Sends me for a CT scan which was (of course) normal. Then after he tries to discharge me using another patient's diagnosis, he gets MY chart and sends me home because, "your CT was normal, so there's nothing majorly wrong with you. Here's some Percocet, see your family doctor if you don't feel better. But you should, because you're fine." My GI appointment isn't for another 2 weeks yet! Although they did put me on a call-in list if there happens to be a cancellation before then.

And it seems like everyone is yelling at me for being sick. Called in to work, got yelled at by my boss. Told my husband that I have to wait another 2 weeks before I can start getting some answers and hopefully feel slightly better, and I get grief for that too. On top of my ER experience last night, I just feel like a lazy bum. Why do people think that because you don't have a name for what's wrong with you or a magic pill to instantly fix it, you must not feel that badly?!?! Aargh!!

Ahhh, just wanted to vent a little bit. Today sucks.
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Write your medical history down. Wait a day and reread. Add little notes.
That way you give everything in chronological order. Meds- procedures etc.

That way you can stay in track and if he asks you questions you can get back on track. Expect that. He will ask and its so easy to lose your train of thought!

Good luck!


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