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Just been to see gp

Just been to see my GP again.
After getting a referal to a GI from him 4 weeks ago i have had an
apointment for 22nd of may for a GI.
My question was what do i do in the meantime?
i have been having an episode for a solid month.I am struggling to work struggling to get a nights sleep without disruption. I am in pain i live on the toilet i have no life,I have absolutley no energy what can i do.
Have you tried antidepressants he said (yes i said you put me on amytripline last time they aint doing anything for me

Well he said do i want a sicknote (i said no i will carry on and if i drop there then so be it) Told him that i am absolutley fed up with this and that i am convinced its not ibs(he says well your symptoms are quite classic)

I explained how the GI had previously said when i had paid for a private consultation, that he would after the colonoscopy and gastroscopy follow up with scan of stomach ect,then after doing both and calling me in, he decided that they wouldnt be required as nothing was found and that i had ibs and he was discharging me.
The Gp said that he would write to him explaining how desperate i was to find the cause of my problems and that i would like to have a follow up on the areas not checked.
I said will it not be the same one on 22 may so i can tell him there. GP said no that one is because of the bleeding they will ask you your history they may even do a colonoscopy.
And so it goes on.

I would love it if someone could point me in the direction of a list of questions
to put to the GI that i will see in may for the bleeding and also for the one i have seen before when that eventualy comes.
Also is there any where i can look at a symptom list to show its not ibs as in i was told by the other gp in that surgery that getting up with pain to empty my bowel in the night a couple of times doesnt sound like ibs (this one says it does grrrr)

Anyway thanks for listening to the rant
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Oh dear!
Time to get a new quack! You DO NOT bleed with IBS!

start keeping a journal, document everything, symptoms, times, colour and consistency of poo, food eaten, etc, everything!
Get genned up on treatment options, knowledge is power!
Armed with some ammo the gastro will have to listen!
Good luck


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I would suggest carrot juice, no acid fruits (i.e. citrus), no nuts, beans, coffee, chocolate. This and bread in small quantities held me over while awaiting my first GI appointment and then awaiting to get the Rx filled. Also, probiotics and Aloe Vera Juice, and lecithin. The Probiotics, (25 Billiion), plus the Aloe Vera and lecithin held me over for three months when I wasn't sure if I could get my Rx renewed. Good luck!

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