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despondent :(

I had my first GI appointment today after getting results from biopsy back 2 weeks ago. I had probably pinned too much on getting answers today and I wasnt given any hints as to what's going on. I left more clueless than when I went in.

The biopsy said results were consistent with IBD but thats all that was mentioned. The consultant said that the prednisolone I was on for something else should have gotten rid of symptoms completely so this confused him. I did explain that they were far milder than I'd had in the past since it all started but he said that they shouldn't be there at all.

I'm being sent for more tests (Bloods, stool sample, CT scan on small intestine and putting a camera into my stomach) and to go back in 8 weeks.

I just want to know what is going on. This constantly being ill and tired has been holding me back now for at least 4 years and just I want to get on with my life.

I'm being impatient, at least they're looking at me but I'm so despondent about it all today. I have been so positive about it since finding out about the biopsy result but today was like a punch to my stomach.

Just needed to get that off my chest.
Biopsy said "results consistent with inflammatory bowel disease" - thats the extent of my knowledge so far
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You are having quite a normal reaction and it is frustrating to be in those shoes. Keep plugging away at getting answers and you will become a step closer at getting better. In the meantime, try to find an outlet for the stress, so you can feel some joy and keep yourself moving along. It is hard to stay positive when you feel like your body is betraying you. Hope you feel better soon!
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thank you! You're totally right. I'm just so sick of being told its all "normal" and when they eventually find out I was right, they take their time in finding out what exactly is abnormal. I'm not a patient person. I need a hobby... other than pooing lots
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Hi Jetsma, welcome to the forum and the club. Mickey is right, your reaction is 100% normal. Nobody likes to be sick, and when you're always sick and nobody can tell you why, that's very frustrating and depressing! I'm glad you're having lots of tests done soon and I hope one of them can get you some answers. Good luck and please keep us posted on the results!

And as far as a getting a new hobby (besides pooing ), a few of us on here like to do crafts, particularly crochet. Myself and Allieinwonder are both big fans of crocheting. (I've got a partially finished scarf on my lap right now!) It's something that isn't hard to do even when you're feeling really ill, and when you're finished you have a nice cozy scarf/blanket/whatever that you can cuddle up with.

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