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Hey, I had a scope down my throat recently and a CT scan. The tests showed I had inflammation in my throat, stomach, and a slight narrowing of my bowel with possible collitis. My gums are inflammed and I have a large ulcer in my mouth. I also have pain in my hips and joints that are not caused by physical trauma. Question, I had a blood test yesterday to look at inflammation markers. Docs office called and said it showed no sign of inflammation. They said nothing was abnormal. I have lost over 50 pounds. I have hardly eaten in two weeks. I currently can't eat anything solid. How is my blood not showing anything abnormal? I'm also wondering what they consider "abnormal" considering I had a blood test last week and it said I was low or high on about one third of the different tests. I don't feel any better since last week. I know I look like shit, what gives about the blood?

Have any of you guys out their had the same problem?

I'm wondering what my motivation would be to make up all of this pain and discomfort up? I'm wondering If I have some sort of psychological disorder. Is it possible I'm doing all of this to myself?
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Hey anyone,

Unfortunately not everyone's bloods will reflect their physical symptoms. My daughter was on these people. All bloods grossly normal including inflammatory markers. In her case I will never believe normal blood results unless they match what I see in front me. Yours don't make so I would take the result with a grain of salt.

I don't believe that you making this up. I don't believe you have a psychological disorder. I don't believe that you are doing this to yourself. You not only have physical symptoms but tests that show physical evidence of change in you GI tract and bloods that reflect you have other issues happening too. Bloods are only one piece of the puzzle and of that puzzle inflammatory markers are but one piece.

Perhaps you could have stool testing done. Faecal Calprotectin is a test that targets inflammation in the bowel only.

I know it is hard not to be discouraged and doubt yourself when tests don't marry up but what you are experiencing is real so don't let someone on the other end of a phone or sitting behind a desk try to convince you otherwise.

Dusty. xxx
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Dusty, thank you very much for your comment. It made me feel better. Its good to know that the blood does not always reflect what is going on internally. I will look into that test that you suggested.
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I have just been diagnosed and my inflammatory markers have been either normal or very slightly raised.. my faecal calprotectin was normal. so no, the test results are not always reflective. welcome :-)
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During my inital Dx all my blood work and biopsy were normal.
With this flare my white blood cells are elevated and hematocrit
and hemoglobin are low.

Bottom line all test for Crhons can be normal and you still have IBD.
You are not crazy you just have the pleasure of having a very difficult

Good luck and hang tight!


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CT enterography May 2015 !!

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