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C section on wednsday

Ok so I'm now 38 weeks pregnant, I have my c section scheduled for this wednsday may.2. I defiantly did not enjoy being pregnant!! I was throwing up everyday until my third trimester, couldn't keep any medications down. And recently at about 34 weeks I've been having real bad episodes of diarrhea and abdominal pain, which give me mild contractions. I'm not dilated, nothing has changed, so other than the pains, nothing to worry about. My GI had recommend as c section, however my OB really wanted to avoid doing one. I have perianal fistulas and a had some active diease around 5 weeks pregnant. After my OB discussed my situation to an GI surgeon, he was told that a c section was the best way to go, so it was scheduled. This is my first baby and I'm really worried about how the crohns will affect the operation. Will I heal ok? I'm worried about infections And having abdominal pain and diarrhea after the surgery. Im able to take my imuran again since about 33 weeks and I was on Remicade until 25 weeks. Just afraid of the unknown.
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I had mild symtoms with all three of my pregnancies. My third baby was a c section and to be honest I was up and out of bed with in 2 hours pacing by the side of my bed. Forty eight hours of labor- I needed to move around. I also used no pain meds afterwards other than Tylenol or Advil- that was 17 yrs ago so that part I forget. Go in with a good attitude and you will do fine!


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I think Advil is ibuprofen? In which case avoid that! Stick to Tylenol/paracetamol or if that isn't enough, you can be prescribed codeine.

I shouldn't worry too much about infections, I think when the c section is planned there is less risk of complications than if it was an emergency. And they will be keeping a close eye on you because of the Imuran!
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I had twins by c section with crohn's though I was undiagnosed at the time. Crohn's gave no problems, just the pain from the incision but I was so busy with the twins that I didn't get time to worry about it - I don't think I had any pain meds but this is nearly 21 years ago so maybe I've forgotten. In any case, what a wonderful time for you. Congratulations and enjoy your new baby and don't worry about the crohn's. All the best,

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Thanks for all the help!
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I've had 2 sections no probs, good luck it'll be worth it in the end, honestly my 2nd section was planned and it was such a nice experience. Discomfort for a few days but nothing unbearable.

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You will do great!! I also had a c-section. It was a bit painful for a few days, and tender for about a month. I was a bit of a complicated case though as i was fighting pancreatitis and cholangitis as well as recovering from the c-section. It was not caused by the surgery though! i came down with both at the end of my pregnancy. I bounced back very quickly considering! it was very exciting and that baby will make it all worth it!

i was terrified too, and everything was fine Good luck and congratulations!!!!!
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