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6MP and joint pain?

I started on 50MG of 6MP back in September. On January 27th I went to a new GI in Stanford and she bumped me up to what she called a "therapeutic" dose (75MG).

I went into the hospital on February 2nd for an abscess and ended up getting a bowel resection on March 28th. Since I got home I've been have really bad join pain. My wrists, shoulders, knees, fingers, toes, and ankles feel almost arthritic. My feet hurt... like after a really long day of work or hiking. My shins feel like they're covered with bruises and recently my neck has become really stiff.

I know back and joint pain are side effects of the 6MP. My question is what do I do about it? I've tried extra strength Tylenol and it doesn't do much. I even tried the Vicodin I had from my flare ups and nothing.

I've been meaning to pick up one of those vitamins meant for people with arthritis, but I keep forgetting (does anyone know if they work anyway?)

I go see my GI this week for my post-surgical follow-up and I'll definitely ask her if she has a solution, but is there anything anyone here can suggest?

(I'm finally completely tapered off the prednisone and it's gotten increasingly worse as the amounts got lower, so I'm wondering if it's an inflammation thing?)

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I never had joint pain from 6MP but Prednisone definitely causes it. The tapering alone could have increased the pain. Since you've had a resection your GI may likely lower your 6MP dose as well. Do you feel that the Vicodin also doesn't do enough for pain? I wouldn't add another pain pill to that but rather try something else entirely.

Taking Glucosamine Chondroitin (supposedly lubes the joints or whatever) seems like a total racket to me. I'm taking it currently and its really expensive and takes a long time to show any results (if any, I've been taking it for over a month and have noticed absolutely nothing except for that awful taste of rotting shellfish it contains :P).

You may actually also be dealing with arthritis as people with Crohn's are prone to it (I've got it too). An x-ray will show if there's arthritis. You could try Physical Therapy (that's what I'm about to try) and see how that goes.

So far all I'm able to suggest for now, which is all I can do for now, is pop a pain pill, use a heating pad or ice the joint (usually best to help reduce inflammation but if its too uncomfortable then try heat) and try to relax. You're lucky to have a GI in Stanford though. My first GI works there in pediatrics. I trusted him with my life, best GI I've ever had to this day! I had my resection there too. Keep us posted on your appointment.
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I had joint pain on 6mp you should consider a calcium, vit d, magnesium combo and fish oil to lubricate the bones.
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I had joint pain on 6mp you should consider a calcium, vit d, magnesium combo and fish oil to lubricate the bones.
Hi nogutsnoglory, I'm way late to this thread but was searching on 6MP joint pain. Did that combo work for you? I'm having shoulder joint pain and hip a bit. It's manageable but I'm worried about 6MP causing long term damage. How long until you felt an improvement?
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I,ve been taking glucosamine as well really expensive over the counter,they don,t do anything I,m not buying any more after this packet is finished,but I might try cod liver oil tablets there cheap and supposedly. Help
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Ive got terrible joint pain... My GI mentioned possibility of arthritis (reminded me its a fairly common issue for crohns patients) and has given me pain meds, but also mentioned that my very low vitamin d may be exacerbating it and is going to be starting me on vitamin d soon
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