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Diet and UC?

Hey, just a question for the members here who have UC. My mother suffers from UC and I have Crohns so obviously I get that they are 2 different diseases so what applies to me wouldn't necessarily apply to her.

But the last few months she's definitely had a flare up and is having 'accidents' all the time, luckily we both know how horrible this disease is so we can laugh about it. However I've had Crohns a lot longer than she has suffered from UC so I'm a lot more trained in what I should and shouldn't eat and when I should eat, but my mum's diet is full of carbs, bread, cookies, crisps, chocolate and oily fatty foods.

So when i recommended to her that she changed her diet to help the situation, she listened but didn't actually do anything. She recently had an appt with her GI and when asked about diet he said changing it wouldn't help at all and put her on pred.

Now like I said I don't know everything about UC but SURELY improving someones diet might make going to the toilet less frequent??
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Diet has helped me to an extent. What I've noticed though is that there are some things that seem to make me feel worse and have found that by limiting or deleting them from my food list has helped. Unfortunately, like you mentioned: the no no foods vary from person to person. When I was younger before I was diagnosed, my folks took me out to have hamburgers and I got sick with accidents afterwards. After I was diagnosed with UC/Crohn's I found out that I don't digest ground beef very well and my Crohn's was effected by it.

I have a grandmother that has a version of what we have. For years she didn't take care of herself and now that I understand supposedly she is, isn't helping a whole lot. She's now following some sort of diet that none of us understand and I'm thinking a part of this has to do with demensia.

I'm not saying that any of this has to do with your mom. She may just be in the same place I am at the moment. I was changed from UC to Crohn's last year and I still haven't figured out what my no no foods are again. I'm sure they've changed. Hope you two feel better soon. Sorry this is so long. Hope this helps some though. Take care.
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That doctor and a lot others don't know a thing about food. Just what drugs to recommend.
And the thing is even if you had UC instead of crohns like your mom, you wouldn't be able to know what will work. I no longer eat so much that I feel full, and I eat the same stuff at the same time each day, except for dinner, I don't know what I'll have, I try to not eat fried food.
She'll continue to have problems if her diet is like that. I still treat myself to sweets. I'll have a bit in the morning or towards bed time. Since starting work though, I be getting hungry during the day and find myself eating some type of candy. But so far so good.
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I concur with Swirl. I found the diet I have now has been trial and error. How I came about the diet I'm on now is that I did my trial and error, got an idea of what foods benefit and hurt me then the diet I came across was Eat Right for your Blood type. I don't follow it 100% but I notice a difference.

The Doc always asks how much red meat I eat because it's "bad" well because I'm O+ red meat is beneficial to me and when I eat higher quality red meat, I feel absolutely amazing afterwards.

And instead of a potato I eat sweet potatoes with it, which I loved before, but are very beneficial for my blood type.

It seems lately I'm harping on this diet, but it's something I really do notice a difference in and want to share it
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When I was first dx I went on a low residue diet and it did stop a lot of the cramping and some of the d to an extent.
The only problem is that if your mum has been eating the way she has for so long it is going to be hard for her to change. Try small things first. Or see if you can go and see a dietary nurse for some advice together.
The only down side with a low res diet is all bland food. It can be boring if you get hung up on it. I didn't focus so much on the food as the benifit I got from eating stuff that didn't hurt like help to get out again.
Best of luck hun let us know how you get on. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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