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docs forget about mental health

Hi All,

Iv just spent 2 and a half weeks in hospital, my 3rd admission this year alone, i went in feb, march and the past 2weeks. Turns out I have a very deep ulcer and thickening where my small bowel joins the large bowel, but the right tests werent done for the first 2 admissions, hence having to go for a 3rd time to find out what was really wrong.

Im now back on steroids which are making me feel better but im taking ALOT of painkillers. The doctors were happy enough with my bloods and say im going in the right direction, so they discharged me and thats been it.

Now im home, i feel completely alone, theres only so much my boyfriend can try to understand, but i dont like to burden him constantly with how depressed i feel. The docs dont seem to realise how much it can affect you being in and out of hosp so often, i feel like they should offer someone to talk to after discharge for a few weeks to deal with any depression or anxiety. I cant afford counselling, but i feel like i need to speak to someone. Im constantly nervous at the moment, any little cramp i have, i worry is going to turn into something big and il be back in again. I had to miss 2 friends birthdays, and 2 weddings, i feel like my life is being controlled by this disease and im so disheartened.

i just feel shaky, anxious and nervous all the time, can anyone give any tips on how i can calm myself?

i dont know what i would do without this forum x

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Can you get yourself into a program of walking at least 15 minutes/day? Getting out and breathing in some fresh air may help you gain a little calmness to your life. It will also help get the blood circulating and be healthier for you. Focus on feeling better and do not let every little cramp alarm you. Spin your concerns to something positive to take baby steps toward taking control back. Chronic illness and chronic pain can wreck havoc on your mind, but you can take that back. Go for it! Smile!
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Exercise can certainly help to uplift a mood and I have found just a brief walk up the road can help when the pains are not so hot.
Sometimes just seeing soemone walk their dog, or going to get a newspaper are little things that get you out of the house and make you feel better.
Its also good to get back indoors and rest from the exertion.
Do you have a computer-? I find playing brain games helps a bit, as well as other games.
Also if you would be able to learn the art of meditating it can be very helpful and relaxing
by this I don't mean religious meditation but a technique which is so helpful,almost like self hypnosis..
Pains and aches are such a misery but sometimes we must help ourselves..
There is always good music, Mozart is very healing, and it has been found that a number
of the great composers wrote healing music.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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Sounds like you have had a rough ride. If you go and see your Gp and explain how you feel they can arrange counselling for you.
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Don't feel alone! I think all of us have gone through mild to intense depression at some point because of this disease. It's really tough, so don't ever underestimate what you've had to go through. And I especially get your point about people not being able to understand sometimes, even though they want to. These suggestions are all great for coping! I'd add that keeping a daily journal could help you air some of these things out and work through them, too. Best wishes xx
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thanks everyone

its reassuring that im not the only one, feel like im going mad! im also very paranoid, i think everyone is thinking something about me, i dont believe anyone really cares but part of me knows thats not true, my mind is totally scrambled. i shall def try going out for a walk up the road, part of me is abit scared about going out but i guess the more i do it the easier it will become.


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