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Lactose Intolerant

One of the biopsies came back that she doesn't have enough of the enzyme needed to digest dairy.
It doesn't necessarily surprise me as my 2 other kids have severe food allergies (they avoid milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and sesame).
The GI suggested that she try lactaid prior to eating before we completely eliminate dairy from her diet.
Has anyone tried lactaid?
I'm beginning to think food is our enemy
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I tried it and it did not work for me. Note that my brother, when younger, could not drink milk at certain times of the year, when cows used to graze on grass....he was highly allergic to grass...so sometimes it is not necessary the item (i.e., milk), but what is in it (i.e., I had an anaphylaxis attack from tuna, but later found out it was the liquid it was packed in that I actually reacted to). So, perhaps the cattle antibiotics and grains cattle are feeding on actually cause the reaction. Something to think about...I have been milk free for over 20 years...I used to drink almost a half gallon +/day, so it was a tough adjustment, but never look back. Rice milk, almond milk, other substitutions available. I was told by a doc food can be a more dangerous drug than prescription drugs....read labels and be careful....food allergies are a pain! good luck!
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No experience with it here hun but wanted to wish you luck...Good Luck!

Dusty. xxx
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Hi, my son, daughter and I are all lactose intolerant. My son and I tried the pills. As you could imagen my sheer thrill of tasting ice cream again.
If I had known it would last only three days I would have stuffed my face with every dairy dream creation I could think of. But alas, it was not ment to be. On the third day both of us got HORRIBLE cramps. Just beware.
Oh, by the way my husband is a dairy farmer! I get to stare at those cows every day. Yes, my family think it
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When my son was dx with Crohn's and Celiac he was also lactose intolerant and we were told to have him take a Lactaid with all dairy. In his case, he was lactose intolerant because his villi were damaged from the Celiac and it's the tips of the villi in the intestine that produce the lactose enzyme (from what I understand). He took Lactaid for about two years. Now that he's gluten free and the Celiac is under control he no longer needs the Lactaid. It doesn't work for all people, but it's inexpensive enough to give it a try.
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Oh, by the way my husband is a dairy farmer! I get to stare at those cows every day. Yes, my family think it
That is pretty funny!

Thanks for all the advice.
She is trying the Lactaid. She ate my Mom's home made mac-n-cheese tonight which didn't go over so well.
I'm guessing because she didn't take another pill after she ate the mac-n-cheese.
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There are ice creams, yogurts and prepared liquid milks that have been treated with lactase, the enzyme that helps people digest lactose, on the market.

However, some people are lactose intolerant as well as being sensitive to a milk protein called casein. People who have this intolerance need to avoid all dairy products. More info here: http://www.livingwithout.com/resources/casein_free.html
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My son has Crohn's and is also lactose intolerant. We drink the lactaid milk and he also really likes the So Delicious ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. Lactaid also has yogurts (they aren't our favorite but they are great in smoothies). Good luck!!!
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Lactaid is a great option, it's the most like milk. My son isn't intolerant, but his GI wanted him on lactose free because it's a general irritant. I use it to cook with too.

Tofutti Cuties are the best lactose free ice cream sandwiches. We also like Breyer's vanilla (99%) lactose-free
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