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Hey All. Newbie

So i have posted in a couple other boards but it was suggested that this would also be a good one!!

So over the last year and half i have gone through many many things. Starting with a very large(fist size)abscess rupturing next to my anus to finally ending up with two fistulas, and a seton to experincing more and more symptoms until in the last 6 months having my colorectal surgeon and his cheif of staff tell me its most definetely Crohns but they wont give me an offical dianogsis, instead have referred me to a Gastro Dr. Who will most likely want to do another colonoscopy as my first one a year ago showed NO signs of anything.......

So here i am. In pain daily. Cramping, many bathroom trips, with no treatment so idea of what i should or shouldnt be doing and getting all my information from this site--Thank you---and from various medical websites.

I have only been give T3s but they were first for my fistula pain not the cramping i am feeling now.

Really would like to go and ask for something beter for pain ...but i dont know if my NP will give me anything or if i have to wait for the Gastro dr.

It really is frustrating.

I have no idea when i will be getting an appt with the Gastro so will go see my NP next week if i hadnt heard anything and see if she can push......seeing as i have no idea who the referral with.

Been a long struggle and i dont see it getting better anytime soon......
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hello and welcome.I don't like the sound of that abscess one little bit.You poor thing.Can,t give you any advice but someone will be along soon with plenty of that.Just to let you know you havn't gone unread and somebody cares.Hope things get better soon
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Hi Ontariomom and welcome to the forum and the club. Have you checked out the fistulas & abscesses sub-forum yet? I don't know much about fistulas/abscesses myself and can't really help you much in that regard, but you should be able to find a lot more info about that specifically in that sub-forum.

With regards to the crampy pain, have you tried any anti-spasmodics? Some people have luck with stuff like Bentyl or Hyoscyamine. Personally those two didn't do anything for me (I got a rare side effect from Hyoscyamine, but I've heard others say it works well for them). You'll need a prescription, but your primary care doc should be able to prescribe anti-spasmodics for you.

I hope you can get that GI appointment soon! You're right, you probably will have to have another colonoscopy. But, you make it sound like things have progressively gotten worse lately, so hopefully the scope will find something this time. Good luck with it and please keep us posted on how it goes!
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Had i guess what we would call a flare yesterday. Started tuesday night up alot, nauseous, tummy pain then all day wednedsay with diahreea, bad cramping, extremely tired, couldnt eat......by about dinner time it seemed to be letting off, or the T3s were finally taking the edge off enough i could funciton. Had a small portion of mashed potatoe casserole, bread and then later that night i found i was hungry and ate 2 slices of toast with pb and honey. I find i can eat toast like that fairly often. This morning the pain is gone in my tummy, well for the most part. I still have the diahreea, and my fistula is aching on the side where my seton is, which for me is normal after a full day or two of diahreea. Going to make an appt with my NP next week and see if she can find out who the GI is i am seeing or even if the referral has gone through. Then talk to her about other pain meds or such too.

I am just hoping to get this all figured out by summer. I have two weddings i would love to attend and be somewhat normal for. So hoping hoping by july i am doing much better......

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