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Has anyone ever taken the Suprep Bowel prep kit, prior to Colonoscopy. Ive never heard of this one & ive had CD for 20 yrs & i`ve always had a really, really difficult time drinking any of the preps. Any advise?
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I used Suprep with my first colonoscopy this past fall. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I think it was fine. The taste sure wasn't great, but it was manageable enough. I drank mine once at night and then once in the morning I think? Or maybe it was twice in the afternoon/evening? With three kids to take care of, my brain gets a little foggy on the details! But anyhow, I thought it was fine. I never gagged or felt like it would come back up. It was, however, very noticeable when it began to work. I was in the bathroom at least every 10 minutes for a 2 hours or so and then it would die down. By the end of the second dose, the liquid coming out during a bathroom trip was clear, so I assume it did its job.

So, although I've not had a TON of experience with different kinds of prep, that's my 2 cents.
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I've never used it but I envy you in that its only 6 ounces you have to mix with another liquid. Sounds like a "chug it and be done with it" sort of deal. With all prep be sure to drink plenty of fluids (clear and no red or purple) and a good rule a thumb to know is that once you're running clear (BMs look like the prep) you're clear. Have fun! :P
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I've used it for my last two bowel preps. In my opinion, it is by far the easiest one of the three different preps I've used. I use Crabby's chug approach - mix the solution with on large cup of water (I forget the exact number of ounces), chug it, grimace , then chug another glass of plain water. You then have to drink another large cup of water or two over a certain amount of time. About 12 hours later, you do it again. It's not an inordinate amount of water, and the bad taste only lasts for a couple of minutes. With Suprep, you spend more time pooping and less time drinking. Good luck!
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Thanks everyone. I have to do the split-dose. One bottle tonight at 6pm & then again & least 1hr b4 Scope.They are supposed to call me today with what time i go in tomorrow. Thats new to me, because all of my other Scopes had a scheduled time. Just odd because the other bottle of prep is to be taken at least 1 hr b4 colonoscopy? Never done it that way before. Just hate the idea of laying there waiting!

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