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Another vote for red wine:

I think that beer is the worst option for a Crohnie.

These are my “top quality” drinks:
-Red wine. Not wite wine. Not champagne. There are lot's of qualities so try an expensive one.
-Aged rum. Aged, not the white one.
-Fernet. You can only get this from Argentina or Italy.

Of course a doctor would say we have not to drink alcohol, but I am not a doctor.
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Just saw my GI today, he certainly didnt say not to drink alcohol! He said dont drink ALOT of alcohol. Which is a good idea for anyone.

As in, dont go over the recommended weekly limit of 14 units a week for a female.
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I don't have a stoma, but I have had ups and downs with alcohol since my diagnosis - I was quite the social drinker and it was annoying when I was really sick to have friends asking about my illness saying, "So.. when can you drink again?". Like that was the most important thing! 2-3 drinks is about my limit these days; any more and then I'll start to need the bathroom a lot and just feel tired and want to go home. I find gin & tonics are easiest on my stomach, with non-alcoholic drinks in between so I can stay out for longer. God bless mocktails! Although I did go to a work do recently and managed to get roaring drunk on white wine and make a complete ass of myself without getting sick - wow I haven't done that in nearly a year! I had an honest to goodness hangover the next day, it'd been a while since I had that old feeling.

All in moderation, even for us Crohnies!

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