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Scope tomorrow!!! So nervous!!

I cant believe ive had CD for 20 yrs & this Scope has my nerves frazzled. New Dr. Different Prep, I go in tomorrow, dnt know the time cause they are gonna call me with the time today? i have to take 1 bottle of Suprep at 6pm tonight, guess ill just sleep on the toilet lol Then take the rest of it , it has 2 bottles, 1hr before Scope. Never done it that way. Always knew what time & only had to drink 1 bottle & 2 pills the morning of. The Dr. says he doesn't use the quick preps
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Dawn Gibson
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Kendra, I've not had Suprep before but the two different preps I've taken sound similar, one the night before and one the day of. If it tastes yuck then dilute with as much juice/cordial as you like. They always give you way more than you need so don't worry too much if you can't do it all.

Usually you need the toilet for a few hours afterwards, but you should be ok during the night, I think last time I just had to get up once or twice.

I always say the prep is the worst bit. So good luck, you can do it. I just close my eyes and 24 hours this will all be over.
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How did you scope go? Any update?
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