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So annoyed

Well, Ihalf expected it but on friday I lost my job , I was hoping to go back soon after being off sick for quite a while, but in that time the company had been taken over by someone else and had a complete over haul, and are looking for any excuse to get people out. had a chat with a manager and we basically came to the conclusion that because I'm likely to be off again soon after my reversal anyway there's not much point re training to then be off again and it would just be easier to "let me go" and then when they take on again in the future (which is unlikely to happen despite what they said) they'll bring me back without needing an interview.

I've absolutely no chance at finding another part time job now to help tide me over and was really hoping to get back on track and start working again.

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That's a bit mean Martin, bet the last thing you need is a fight, but you could do them for discrimination. If you could prove that they've 'let you go' based on your illness.
The Citizens Advice could help you with it.
Hang on in there


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Typical nowadays with employers here and elsewhere. There isnt room for us. You ARE covered under the DDA act here in the UK Martin. Might want to call the Crohns Colitis of the UK and get free advice there as well.

When I got sick at the end of 2010 and almost died (twice) I thought...methinks I might need to join a union. (first time in my 49 years) So, now I have the Unite Union, and the DDA to protect me if I need it. Mind you, I dont take the piss and miss work unless absolutely necessary. And I'm VERY up front about Dr appts etc. I even take holiday time if necessary for things. So, when the time comes (its inevitable) I have a fighting chance.

So, as you ARE covered under the DDA, make sure the job centre knows it, and they help you 100% under those conditions!
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you should def get some advice from ACAS or something, thats so unfair to discriminate against you, its illegal! we come under the Disability Act, which is there to protect us. iv made it very clear to my employer when she started making snippy comments about the amount of sick leave i have taken. get all the help you need whether it be benefits, crohns and UC can get disability allowance, get legal advice about the job, and claim what you can. Its not our fault we cant work and when we do, we do it just as well as everyone else. hope everything works out xxx

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I agree- I would act on it. The more we allow this to happen we will forever be moving backwards in our lives.


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