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Workouts and active crohns

I have been getting back into the habit of doing regular workouts (about 3 times/wk), w/about a half hr cardio 2x/wk. I noticed that when I run at a moderate pace my stomach is somewhat upset that evening (normal for me), but I've noticed that if I really run hard/put in a very hard/rigorous workout, then I have severe D that night and significant stomach pain.

Have others experienced severe D after working out? I dont want to discontinue rigorous workouts, but also dont want to continue experiencing these symptoms after working out. THe meds I'm taking are making me gain weight, and I want to prevent myself from gaining more weight.

I appreciate any opinions.
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I know this won't answer your questions exactly, but here is a link which might be helpful, in which pain & running was discussed:

Personally, it seems to me like running is harder on the guts than most other forms of exercise. I can lift weights or ride my bike without issue but I get abdominal pain from running sometimes, and running isn't particularly nice to my arthritis/bursitis either. If running keeps causing you problems then you might want to try other forms of exercise and see if that is any easier on your system while still being a challenging workout. Have you tried biking, swimming, even something like Zumba? (It sounds silly, but my sister-in-law just lost a ton of weight and she does Zumba regularly.) Good luck, I hope you can find a workout regimen that you enjoy and that doesn't cause pain or d.
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a Chinese doc told me to run to eliminate fibroid tumors; because the running gives your internal organs a workout. I have bad knees, so that was out, but I use the treadmill. You can reduce weight by using the treadmill, which is less stressful on your body anyway. Or, find a hilly area and keep up a good pace walking?

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