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Swelling after surgery

I have just had my 1st small bowel resection as most of u no I'm just wondering what is normal in terms of swelling? How long after surgery was your tummy very swollen for? I feel great my appetite is great and my main wound looks like it is healing well it's just 2 areas of swelling that are giving me the most pain it's still early days I am 1 week 3 days post op but just worrying it should have gone down by now?

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I don't really recall swelling but pain, fever, redness and nausea/vomiting are all signs of infection so you'll really want to watch out for that. Mine got infected so I really hope yours doesn't. Keep your GI and us (if you have time) posted!
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Every major abdominal surgery that I have had, I have had swelling that took 4 weeks or more to dissappear.
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My surgery was 5 weeks ago and I am just getting to the point where I can sleep on my stomach for short periods. It's still tender around my belly button. One and a half weeks after surgery I still had swelling. Overall, it sounds like you are doing well.
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Ohh thankyou I am doing well just u know when every tiny thing worries you! Thanks 4 your replies xx
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Hi Kimmy 86 I had ileocecectomy 3 Weeks ago now and was wondering how long it takes for swelling to go down. How long did it take you? How are you feeling now? Well I hope.
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My swelling took about 6 weeks to go down

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