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Job Applications and UC

Hi i'm new to this I have suffered UC since 2005 and it is under control by medication, Mesavant and Azathioprine! What I would like to know is when applying for a new job and you are asked if you consider yourself disabled (which I dont and always tick 'no') At what point do you tell your prospective employer that you have UC and the effects a flare up could have and is it classed as a disability????? Any advice would be much appreciated - thanks
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If you are not presently disabled at the time asked, then answer accordingly. You are not lying. You may have years before it returns and causes a disability. Only an opinion...
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I have had Crohn's for more than 20 years now. I have never listed it on any application. No one's business unless they go on to hire me, and then as needed, based on if it causes me to call in sick, etc. And I don't considered it a disability, in the sense of being disabled.
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I've been working since '96/''97 and majority of the time I didn't say anything about my UC until I had a flare. This place that I am currently working I've been at for over 10 years and they do know since I've had a few flares while there. No, I don't list as disabled. I want to be treated like everyone else. But, the only thing different that I ask is that if I have to go, that I'm able to get to the bathroom.
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I wouldn't list it as you don't want to give them a reason not to hire you. Once you are in settle your needs with HR.
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I do a lot of hiring for my company and I would not expect you to inform me unless it will prevent you from performing the job you are seeking. I don't consider it a traditional disability in myself or others. I try to accomodate any employee the best I can so they can perform their job to the best of their abilities. Some are easier than others(frequent bathroom breaks) and truthfully some don't work out (if your job requires lifting and you can't go over #5 anymore, we have to part ways).
I work for a great company and we encougare our employees to come to us with any issue so we can work out a solution that makes them successful. When you're new to a company it's hard to get a feel for how they will handle the situation if you flare. If you have any warning before a flare gets going I would be straightforward with your employer and say this is what I have, this is what MAY happen and this is how I will handle it in regards to my job. They want you to be ok but they also want the reassurance that your problem won't become a roadblock.
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disability means you can't work and are collecting disability benefits. Don't tell them anything.

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