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In Need of A Little Support

Am I crazy????

It's what I've been asking myself lately. It started again, last Sunday. Same thing as all the other times. I got a fever with aches, chills, sore joints, lethargy, felt awful. Went to bed with the magic bag at about noon, and slept until about 3:30am, when the diarrhea hit. Frantic runs to the bathroom, barely making it, and feeling like I'm peeing out my bottom *sigh* Stopped eating. Couldn't touch food for 29 hours. Felt slightly better.

Thought I had gotten over the latest "bug". I did go to the mediclinic (for a completely different reason) but ended up asking the doctor a few questions about what has been going on. I really like this doctor, but she isn't there that often. At this clinic, you don't have a set doctor, you see who is available, but they have access to all your records. Not the best case scenario, but it's what's offered for student services.

Anyway, I told her about what the GI doc said (ie: there's no way I have anything more than IBS and I should eat more fibre and make sure to drink at least 2L of water/day)....her response was that's BS. She really does think there could be something more going on, and that it just doesn't sound like IBS. She wants me to go get a second opinion and thinks I need a scope. Of course, I tried to get a colonoscopy earlier, but the doc told me it wasn't necessary (of course, he's the only GI doc you can get a referral to here....thankfully I'm moving!)

So, I thought it had gotten better, so I started eating again. Having my smoothies that I make because they work really well with my swallowing problems. Well....*bang* diarrhea is back. Cramping is back. Bloated to the point my stomach is hard. Pain in the abdomen and gassy as all get out.

The kicker....I'm supposed to be moving tomorrow. I'm terrified to leave the bathroom! And I have a 9 hour drive ahead, with a 120lb dog and 2 cats cuz hubby will drive the U-Haul and I'll take the car....

Now, he's really concerned and not happy about me driving, but I don't see how we can work it out any other way. He wants me to call my parents, have them drive out and then have them drive the car and me take my pills that knock me out and try to sleep the whole way.

The thing is....I feel retarded about the thought of asking my parents to drive 9 hours so they can pick up their grown daughter and drive her back 9 hours. Not to mention that I haven't lived near them since all of this began, and yes I've told them a bit about it....but they have nooooo idea....

And I'm embarrassed I'm scared that we'll be driving along and I won't be able to make it to the next stop or something and have an accident....*miserable sigh* And then a part of me feels like I'm such a whiner and I should just suck it up already! I feel like it's really not that bad, I'm just making it that bad....

And yah, you guys are, little help would be appreciated! Man, I really am a sad sack today....
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Hi there,

I can relate to this situation. When I was in a flare and quite sick last summer, I had to drive 10 hours to Vancouver and pick my mother up then turn around the next day and drive 10 hours back. VERY STUPID .. I should've asked for help because after i returned home (barely) I ended up being much more sick and on top of that I got erythema nodosm on my ankle.

My advice is: if you are sick, and by the sounds of your story you are obviously very sick, you should not drive that far. The stress and exhaustion alone may worsen your symptoms.

I also hope you receieve a proper diagnosis soon so that you can begin treating this.

Please take care

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Suck what up? Its coming out no matter what so brace yourself! All joking aside, 9 hours really isn't that bad and I know that my own parents would be willing to help me out. You gotta do what you gotta do and in this case, even if you popped Imodium every 4 hours you're still really weak and tired. That alone is dangerous as mentioned. What you might consider doing (what my finance and I had to do) is tow your car with the U-Haul, so you'll need to rent a hitch/trailer (about $100 bucks extra, call and ask) and have your cats in carriers (one at your feet, the other on your lap) and have the dog sit in the middle. We had to do our move with 4 cats in carriers. One on my lap, at my feet and two stacked on top of each other in the middle. We only stopped once and it was a 5 hour drive. You can stop more often to give the animals a stretch (we let the cats out of the carrier one at a time with the doors and windows shut to see if they needed the litter box, that's right, it was at my feet too :P). My finance drove the whole way. I have panic attacks while driving so that's why I wasn't.
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Personally I dont think it would be a good idea to drive that far feeling like you do.
9 hours is a long drive. As far as not making it to the next rest stop, I can understand exactly how you feel about that and how worried you must be. I have had that concern only travelling a couple of hours. I always travel any distance with spare clothes in a little bag, not much help I know, and plenty of plastic bags.
I think maybe you need a chat with your parents, I know its not pleasant, but if your not alone in the car it may be easier to find somewhere to pull over in an emergency.
Hope you feel better
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You sound like your having a rough time .
If you really have to travel an cannot get any one to drive you, take some immodium or better still codeine if you can get hold of it Coz they will constipate you for the journey, but keep taking them every 4 hrs so you definitely won't go to the loo and it should help with the pain alot as well (the codeine) .
I Don't know where you are from but if it's USA I think you can get Tylenol 1s 2s an 3s which have paracetamol and codeine in them .
I know your not up to driving but if you have no choice then I hope that's an option for you .

I was also thinking , could your husband do the move and take the animals an you go an stay with your parents till u feel well enough to drive yourself to your new home ?
Or stay with a friend or another relative ?

If all else fails and your parents do drive you , still take a fresh change of clothes an some baby wipes with u in case you can't get hold of any codeine or immodium, and although it's hard don't eat anything before or during your journey just keep hydrated .
Jen xx
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Waiting for fist appointment at pain clinc I hope it helps !
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Thanks for all the support!

As a quick update....I survived the move! My parents ended up meeting us half way and driving part of the way, so I only had to drive the first leg.

Now, we're in the middle of renovating our entire home (there was absolutely nothing there!) and my hubby is starting a new job tomorrow. Yeesh, too many changes all at once! No wonder I'm soooo stressed. My stomach has been holding out ok I guess....I've had a lot of aching and pain, but the big D seems to have subsided for yet another time (lasted 4 days this time...almost constant).

Guess one day I'll have to actually find out what this thing is!
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Glad you guys made the move ok. Keep us posted on your health.

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