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Biopsy Results!!

Hi there. Got my colonoscopy biopsy results today, and I need some help to understand these results please. The surgeon who i saw today didn't really explain things, and just told me he was referring me to a gastro doc.
Pathology report states large bowel mucosa shows chronic proctitis with variable degree of crypt hyperplasia. Now my question is....do I have ulcerative colitis? And what on earth is crypt hyperplasia? Can anyone help me out?
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Crypt hyperplasia" is talking about the shape of your villi. The villi look sort of like fingers and the deep parts between the "fingers" are called crypts. In celiac disease, the fingers close off at the tops, flattening the mucosa, and the crypts between get deep and filled with cells.
Proctitis is an inflammation of the lining of the rectum. It causes pain, soreness, bleeding, and a discharge of mucus or pus. Proctitis can last a long (chronic) or a short (acute) amount of time. When the inflammation goes beyond the rectum, the condition is often called proctocolitis. Proctitis can usually be treated successfully. Treatment depends on what's causing the inflammation. Sometimes proctitis can be treated the same way as inflammatory bowel disease, a condition where the lining of other parts of the digestive tract get inflamed.
Hope that does not confuse the issue more, someone else will be able to put it into real people language for you. I do like the part about can be treated successfully...there is some hope there. Good luck
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