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Is your Remicade trough level monitored?

I recently came across what is called a trough level which is basically the lowest concentration of detectable medicine in your body. I also came across some research that showcases that the clinical outcome of Remicade can be determined by trough level. So I'm curious if any of you are having your trough level monitored and if dosing is changed based upon that level.

Source of study:
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I went to a new doctor (at a major medical center and she is a leading expert for IBD work) who told me this should be done for me. Turns out that at the end of my 8 week remicade cycle I had no detectible remicade in my blood. I have now been switched to dosages every 4 weeks and at the 4 week marks I do seem to still have therapeutic levels or remicade in my blood. Also, I have recently started taking imuran.
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I have had my levels monitored since I started taking Remicade 8 months ago. Although my doctor told me that this can vary widely depending on when you have the infusion, and shouldn't be done too close to getting an infusion. Prometheus Labs does this test as well as for the antibodies and is the only lab in the US who does it, so getting your insurance to cover it I found is tricky. I'm still contesting it with UnitedHealth.
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I just had mine done at the desired time frame and it showed low levels and my Dr. Is boosting me up from 5 to 7.5. I just what to know why it is low. Is because my Crons is to active or my body is just burning thru it fast. I need ell understanding why 3 years of constant whole body issues are constantly happening to me due to this crohns.
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I have been on Remicade since Jan 2012 and just had my first level drawn on Monday, so I am awaiting the results now.

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