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Hello friends.

The name is Ganef. That is the The Yiddish word for a bad man (or thief), but I think of myself as a badass motha...

I thought you all should welcome me to the undiagnosed club.

My brother was diagnosed with Crohn's last year, and, all of a sudden, I have been experiencing very mild intermittent (on and off) stomach pains.

I have been keeping careful records of my situation for 1/2 a year now (seeing what foods trigger it, and what stressful events trigger it), and I will soon see a GI doc to ask what is up.

So, whatsup my people?
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Hello Ganef,
Welcome to the forum.
Hope your appointment goes well with the GI doc and that you will soon have the answers you are seeking. Keep us posted with how you get on.
Feel better soon.
Hugs and best wishes

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