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Actually, my G.I. filed an appeal, but today I learned we lost the appeal. Tomorrow I will find out what we will do next. My G.I. is thinking that we would move to either Simponi or Entyvio.
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Ive been on remicade for 1 year and 5 months. It is not working as well and i have a flare up again. My dr wants me to take the promethus blood test as well. He mentioned he might increase the amount per infusion or change from 8 weeks to 6 week intervals. Any advice/knowlege on the subject would be great. Thanks
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Hi there, I'm new here and really happy to find a forum to talk about everything that we all face with IBD. I want to know about people on Remi who developed antibodies and would appreciate hearing about it and what medication you switched to.

I have Crohn's and have been on Remicade now for 8 months. I did experience great results with the induction therapy, was symptom free for a bit (on a low-residue, no sugar, low carb diet and taking supplements per my GP who has an alternative/holistic approach) however, I was initially on 6MP and Remicade then went off 6MP as I was getting a lot of hair loss and we attributed it to the 6MP. My hair is much better since I went off so I think that was true. I'm now in a flare, and am awaiting tests to see if I've developed antibodies to the Remi. We'd thought it could be bacterial overgrowth but I'm on antibiotics for that and no change. Is it common that Remicade stops working so quickly? Our next choice would be Humira....

Thanks for your feedback!

I was diagnosed after surgery in November, 2016. I started with pentasa, that wasn't enough. I started remicade in May of 2017. Things got better but by no means gone. Last few months I've had severe joint pain that travels to different areas. I'm also experiencing chills. I had blood work today as my Dr thinks I may be developing antibodies to the med.
Is humira the next option Drs usually go for? Is this going to be a hit or miss type disease? I'm not sure the side effects are better than the Crohn's itself
Thanks for reading this.
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Everyone is different. I was on Cimzia and went from there to Remicade.

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I just had an interesting meeting with a top gastro dr at Methodist in Houston. He said:

If Remicade is failing at 8 or 6 week infusions, they can be increased to infuse every 4 weeks at the same dose.

If Remicade fails, your next choice would depend on your Prometheus test for Remicade antibodies - because Humira is a cousin to Remicade.

Entyvio (vedolizumab) has a better remission rate with ulcerative colitis than Crohns. Stelera would be a better option after Remicade and humira.

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