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I don't know what to do?

I'm 14 and I have crohns disease.

I don't see a point in trying anymore, my parents don't have any sort of pride in me what so ever. This year i've been admitted 3 times and when I can, I go to school and get some good results (A's and B's). They don't understand what its like to go through this.

I can't do anything which I want to,

go out with friends
be able to do stuff
can't eat have a nice meal without being in pain the next day.

I don't know if this is the prednisolone or my feelings are finally coming out, but I'm sick of this now. I just feel like walking away from everything but I can't.

I can't go out, and I can't even play my games consoles when I want because my fricking parents won't let me move it into my room. I am so stressed out with the upcomming exams, and I need to change my medication over to humira. I really need some advice, the doctor just wanted to get me into hospital and threatened to section me, glad I walked out of the centre.
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My parents don't even try to help, they just keep pushing and don't understand how much I'm feeling at the moment. I really need help.
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The good news is, a lot of what you are feeling will be due to the pred, and as you taper your emotions will settle down.

As for your parents, you could try getting some leaflets from Crohn's and Colitis UK (or whatever country you are in should have it's own). They cover all sorts of topics and you are bound to find some to help explain to your parents how you are feeling.

You could also try writing a reasoned letter, arguing your case for moving your games consoles. Sometimes writing is easier because if you (or your parents) get emotional you can take a break, and it gives you chance to think.

Food wise, try keeping a food diary and see if you can identify some safe foods, which won't cause you pain. As for friends, could you arrange some activities at your house? Gaming or film nights maybe? I'm afraid it's times like these you find out who your real friends are- they're the ones who will come just to hang out because they haven't seen you for a while.
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No I wouldn't blame it completely on the steroids, people that don't have IBD have no understanding of what it's like to live with and the life stage you are going through at the minute is highly stressful as well!
You sound like your doing a great job of and well done for getting A's & B's, maybe you could try a different approach in the way you ask you parents about the consol...see if that works ;o) or invite a friend over to watch a film?
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I try to catch up with my friends as much as possible, which is around once or twice a month at the moment. I'm going for my appointment tomorrow so i'm feeling a bit better considering that they said I would have to wait two weeks before.

I suppose that i'm relieved by the fact that i'm finally going to change my meds. Still stressed out, haven't really been up to talking to my parents very much, just the odd time when I'll ask for painkillers etc.

Hoping all goes well
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Oh honey! I promise you that you will find what works and what doesn't work for you. It is a difficult disease for others to understand for sure. When I was first diagnosed and would flare and be hospitalized my own grandma would say "What bad thing did you eat that made you be hospitalized again?" Gee, if it were that easy. Please talk your feelings over with your Dr. Hopefully he or she is understanding and can help you. Do you have a local support group? As for friends, they stick with you through the good and bad. I always say friends who care DON'T care--meaning I have an ileostomy, and if some people are grossed out by it--then I guess there is no true friendship. Of course, I'm a 41 year old mother of 2----old! HaHa! Prednisone makes me quite emotional as well. Stay strong and believe in yourself--your grades are a true reflection of your dedication. Keep us updated on your Dr. visit. Sending lots of well wishes your way!
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Hi sm97! Growing up with this disease is very hard. I was 9 when I was diagnosed and about your age when I was put on 6MP and had my second flare so yay, Prednisone again. What fun... I feel your pain I really do although your grades are a lot better than mine were, good for you! I pretty much gave up and even stopped taking my meds but that only put me into my third flare and I got a resection when I was 17. Not fun either.

When I read that your parents wouldn't let you have the gaming console in your room I about flipped. My mom bought me my very own little TV to put in my room and brought the N64 up (hey I'm 30 now :P) and I got to play Pilot Wings in bed. It was AWESOME!

How long ago were you diagnosed? Maybe your parents really just aren't used to it yet and are in denial themselves about your illness. I think they'll come around (or should) eventually. Maybe sitting down with them individually will help you get a chance to talk about your wants and your needs rather than getting tag teamed by them you know? Cause then they can talk to each other about what's going on with you and might be a little more understanding.

How did your appointment go? Any update?
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