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Strange symptoms lately

What happened to me lately

First of all, sorry for TMI...
Allow me to quickly explain what happened to me these lasts months. I'm a 29 year old male and I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Well that's the name they gave when they found nothing else.
I never did a full colonoscopy. I did do a sigmoidoscopy (they only do the rectum and the far end of the large intestine) 5 years ago which was perfectly fine. Nothing to see. But I have lots and lots of gas. I often have some blood on the toilet paper, but I also know I most probably have hemorrhoids as well. They also did an echography of my abdomen that also showed nothing, but that too was 5 years ago.

Anyway, in december 2011 I suffered from a Clostridium Difficile infection. A nasty bacterial infection of the gut that causes diahrea. I had to take 6 weeks of antibiotics too kill this stubborn thing. Fortunately, that's gone now. A few months later, in march 2012, I got a viral gastroenteritis. That passed after a few days.
Two weeks ago, I got food poisoning with some bacteria named Campylobacter (detected with a stool sample). That went away after 2 days as well.
But now, for 3 days already, I've had strange symptoms. It started with a single bout of diahrea late at night. I went to the doc and after palpating my abdomen, she concluded she felt a reaction typical to an infection. I had to submit a stool sample again to see if it's this Campylobacter again. I'm still waiting for the results of that.
But the symptoms are somewhat strange. I can have firm stools one moment, and have complete diahrea the other. It seems to alternate. I know Irritable Bowel Syndrome can typically also alternate, but my IBS never caused this. it usually only causes lots of gas and that's it.
This is making me somewhat scared of Ulcerative Colitis. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense or not but for some reason, I'm thinking of UC...
I had a stool sample tested for blood presence twice in the past few weeks and both were negative. But this was during a period where I felt fine so the samples were not diahrea. I also have a blood test done every 6 months and it was always fine too. Nobody in my family has Crohn's or UC neither.

Do you think UC might be the cause? I know you're not doctors but perhaps some opinions would be nice.
Also, my doc says that all colon conditions, including UC or Crohn can be treated. maybe not cured, but treated to that you can live a normal life. Is this true? Is UC livable?
Sorry for the stupid questions, but I'm easily worried about my health...

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You've been diagnosed with IBS but never had a colonoscopy? How about fecal lactoferrin or fecal calprotectin tests?
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GOOD NEWS! There is life with UC, I've had it for 23years going on 24. It is a challange living with this condition but you can fight it and be a victor and not a victim! Yes, I've had depression (2years straight) I have refused to date (before getting married) and socialize but life goes on, Yes I had a Sigmoidal colonoscopy and all the symptoms you've mentioned (Colonoscopy every year now for me). It's a constant fight and at the same time it's wisdom gained! as you fight UC you will be suprise on the knowledge you will pick up, "fear will always be there, courage is what you need" You will gain endourance that will take you above and beyond the imagination. You can and will live a normal life, follow doctors advice and keep a journal, I have a monthly diary (not daily) that I refer back to and discoved alot is "mind over matter", but if it bleeds always communicate with your Dr., cannot stress that enough! I've know my doctor for 23 years, I will dred the day he retires! I live normal, I enjoy a day off every now and then, (perk).
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I would suggest consulting your physician and having some tests done to rule out other diseases.
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Ok Hi. I have UC. I got it when I was a senior in HS...getting ready to graduate in 2008 and RIGHT NOW I have horrible horrible I am GETTING READY TO GRADUATE! UCSD that is. Yay.

Anyway...So your symptoms don't exactly sound like UC. When I first got diagnosed I had severe SEVERE stomach cramps...well it wasn't in the stomach but around that area. Like I literally had to stop walking, talking, doing whatever I was doing because it hurt so bad...This made it VERY awkward in class when I froze when talking to friends. LOL. Also, I had consistent diarrhea. Not alternate. There was also a lot of blood for me.

I lost a lot of weight as well due to be so freaking sick. Hopefully you DON'T have UC. IT SUCKS. However, if you follow medications I am sure it is manageable. Being a stupid 21 year old I am not doing that so am suffering right now but that should change tomorrow.

So when your UC is in remission it is completely manageable. In fact, its like you are not even sick with a disease! You can eat ANYTHING. However, when it comes. IT COMES AND IS HORRIBLE. Until you are treated with the appropriate treatment again to put that stupid inflammation to sleep.

Honestly, get a colonoscopy. I had it as an 17 year old. Thought it was going to suck but it was fine and got me on the right meds!

Good luck!

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Hi icebat..I also had BM where it switched from firm stools to diarehhea with a snap of a finger. I was just dx with UC. I would recommend to get a full colonoscopy (prepping sucks) and also ask for an endscopy (sp? - where they stick the scope down ur throat) . I found if they do the endo that helps them determin if it's Chrons or UC. ( I'm having endo on Monday). Good luck and feel better!!!! Start now keeping a diary of foods that cause pain ( if u have pain?!?)

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