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Early signs of Parkinson's might be seen in colon

A colonoscopy or similar test could one day diagnose Parkinson's disease years before symptoms occur. That's because signs of Parkinson's that appear in the brain also show up in the colon, a new study says.

Researchers examined tissue samples obtained during colon exams of people who later developed Parkinson's disease. The samples were taken several years before the patients showed symptoms of the neurological disorder.
The cells in the patients' intestinal walls were found to contain clumps of alpha-synuclein — a hallmark protein of Parkinson's.

In a previous study, these researchers found these aggregates were apparently unique to the gut of Parkinson's disease patients— they were not seen in people with certain gut disorders or in healthy people.
The findings suggest that tissue obtained during a colonoscopy or other colon cancer screening test could one day be used to predict who will develop Parkinson's, said study researcher Dr. Kathleen Shannon, a neurologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.
However, first the findings will need to be replicated in studies that include more people, including people with other types of brain diseases, the researchers said.

Currently doctors cannot diagnose Parkinson's until patients show symptoms, such as shaking, slowed movements and stiff muscles. By then, however, the patients' brains have deteriorated significantly. Finding early markers of the disease could lead to a way to slow or stop the progression, the researchers said.
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That is very interesting. How would the practicalities work though? Everyone get a scope every few years to check for Parkinsons, just in case? Given only to those with a family history of the disease etc?

Even though this could be of high value I shudder at more people being put through prep and having this test often!
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Well if it's in the colon, then a flexi sig would suffice? In which case can't you have an enema rather than oral prep?
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That's very interesting specially that I have family history of both sides of Parkinson's , my follow up colonscopy should be in 6 month, I will ask for this protein test in pathology. It wouldn't hurt to be sure by any means. I stopped minding the prep of the colonscopy, I guess I got used to it. Thank you

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