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5 Years

Well, it's today. My 5-year Crohnsiversary.

I was diagnosed on May 17, 2007, after two weeks in hospital and a year of being ill beforehand... I finally had some answers and could start moving forward!!

It was a challenge at first - the dreaded Prednisone; failing Pentasa, Salofalk, Imuran, 6-MP, and Methotrexate... Finally, with Humira, have been in remission for a solid 2 years. Luckily, I avoided surgery to this point - hoping I won't need it in the future.

Reflecting today - wow, a lot has happened in 5 years!! When I was diagnosed, I was married. I am now divorced. I changed careers. I focused on me. I sold a house, scrapped a car, bought a new one. I traveled. I moved half way across the country to follow a dream. By myself. I have a whole new perspective. I'm loving my independence. Sure, I still have my bad days, but I'm much more optimistic now than I used to be.

The long and short of it is, I'm so grateful that crohnsforum was here for me when I was 'new' to the whole IBD scene... and was there for me over the years with any questions I had. Knowing I wasn't alone was a huge comfort. Thank you to everyone here, anyone who reads, and all those who keep it running. Wishing you all a long, happy remission and hoping for that cure!!!!!
Diagnosis: Crohn's Disease (May 2007)
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Cons! U are so long with remission and have a good perspective. When I was diagosoed, I was also just married and still now I'm worried about my marriage and my job which is connected to my insurance. However, your experience gives me good view of future even there would sth wrong with my environment. Thank you and best wishes!

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Now:intestine half-obstruction
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Previous Meds: 4g/d Etiasa(3 weeks), Prednisone(3 weeks 40mg/d, then reducing 5mg/w), Imuran(50mg/d 1week)
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Wow! Congrats and well done! May the good times just keep on keeping on!

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Really pleased to hear you are still doing so well Long may it continue!


DX: Crohns July 2002
Surgery: Ileocecal Resection Sept 2011
Now:Tummy behaving itself and new mummy to baby Nicholas
Current Meds: 6-MP 75mg,B12 injections every 3 months
Previous Meds: Budesonide, Prednisone, Remicade, Pentesa,Hydroxychlorequine,Azathioprine (tried twice) and Methotrexate
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congrats my friend. great to hear your stoy.

I just love this section....gives me so much of positive feeling.
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Diet as per ayurveda.
Vitamin D and B12 shots.
Currently experimenting with Probiotics, starting 2016.
And a large joint mad family, thus stress cant touch me.
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Congratulations, this is my 2 year anniversary and also in remission and I agree this forum has been the best for help and advise you can literally ask anything, it keeps us all ahead of the game. Long live remission

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ileocecal resection 2010
Meds: Nil and in remission

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I love you God.
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Congrats to you. You are a very strong woman
Ileostomy from UC but doctors are now thinking crohns. Since Feb 14, 2011

I want to find a friend here in vancouver, washington with a stoma... I feel lonely.
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What an inspiring message, Shazzy. Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope you continue to do so well.

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Great story Shazzy, thanks for sharing

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