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Feeling guilty

So, I was just recently diagnosed wit Crohn's and I'm still in the roller coaster ride of finding the right meds/ diet to put me into remission. It's really hard for me, and it's really hard for my boyfriend. We've been together about 5 years and weathered all kinds of other storms, but this is the roughest so far, because it's coming on top of all kinds of other unfortunate events. I try to vent and get support from friends and family as much as possible because I feel so guilty laying this burden on him too. I feel like when I talk to him about what I'm feeling and how depressed I get, he just get's depressed to and then it's just a nasty downward spiral. Does any one have some advice on neutral ways to communicate or reduce my feelings of guilt or anything?

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Rayne, I know that this is easier said than done, but try not to feel guilty. Trust me, I know the feeling, as I'm going through the same thing right now and I feel like I'm a burden on my wife sometimes. Just know that this is not your fault, and I think that depression/feelings of guilt come along with the territory for a lot of people with Crohn's. It's certainly happening with me. Hang in there pal.
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We have similar problems. I just married last year and half a year later I was diagnosed with Crohn. I also feel guilty for my wife and her family. And at the beginning, I was afraid of losing her. Now, she is supporting me and encouraging me for months. I love her. I will do me best for remission and for her, for the all family.

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