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what a month

Well i have had a really bad month in july and im still suffering now.

it all started when i went down with a tummy bug after a couple of days i was taken into hospital as id started bleeding badly, the consultant took bloods told me there was no sign of the bug and sent me home still bleeding and in pain because he wanted the bed free.

When i went on the tuesday he wanted to do a full colonoscopy while i was wide awake, this sent me on a panic were i went back to gp and changed consultants.

i then woke up with a hole in the crease of my leg which my gp thought was a sign of a fistula, as soon as i said crohns and flare up he sent me back to hospital were they done a ECG and i spent thenext 2 weeks.

I ended up having more blood were it was discovered im serverly anemic (i am wait as im not absorbing anything and i had a signoidoscopy, which i found out my large bowel was badly infected, My consultant put me on pentasa and azathiropine (sp).

The dilema i have is that they are still thinking about surgery, do i take the bull by the horns and have the surgery or try with the meds and if it dont work have the op any way.
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hi Gemma.

so sorry to hear what you're going through. do you think the meds are making any difference?
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im sorry to hear that yo are having a bad time. they shouldnt have sent you home from the hospital. they should have kept you there.

if it makes you better then i would go for the op if the meds dont work. its upto you.. im not in the situation you are in but ive been having a rough 2 months and i would do anything to make me feel better. what kind of op do they want you to have?
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I definitely would go for meds first. You never know you may find one that works for you really well and the option of surgery will become a very distant memory.
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dingbat said:
hi Gemma.

so sorry to hear what you're going through. do you think the meds are making any difference?

i thought they were till tonight, when i have diarhea and bleeding again, oh well imback to the drs on tuesday so hopefully he will have some news for me.

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