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Doctor treated me like a dog, Need help on reporting him. Warning: It's a long story!

Hey I got a story I would like a few people opinions on. I had to retrieve some records from one of my GI as I am currently seeing two being between the private and public health care system for reasons involving being knocked back for private treatment due to my Crohns/Colitis being a pre-existing condition and I am required to serve some 12 months waiting period thus was sent through to a public hospital from a private ER on a night I was sent their and said to be flaring according to my CT scans and abnormal results in my blood work so anyway I was after a simply copy of my records to have on hand and so I could take to the public GI so he could review my past treatments and see what has worked and what hasnít and hopefully help devise a new plan to treat my symptoms as the original private GI was postponing tests telling me just to take my medication regardless I had complained it wasnít working and made me wait, it was no wonder I got sick and ended up having to be seen by another GI on an emergency basis, Anyway back to the story about calling about my records, Unfortunately upon making quite a reasonable call and polite call to my private GI's secretary yesterday on the 23/05 about acquiring some of these medical records. I was met with a less then helpful tone and attitude. however I assumed she may be having a bad day and continued to explain my case and was also polite in doing so, she was being slightly difficult so a few times I did need to become slightly assertive to make my intentions clear but at no time did I have any need or motivation to become rude or harassing in anyway. To make things clear to readers so far and further explain the whole point, my reasons for needing copies were for the public GI who performed the urgent colonoscopy on me on the 7/5 as he wants to compare previous results from old test and work from there. It's not like I cheated on my private GI I simply was in extreme pain and distress and I had to see him on an urgent basis and he was all that was available .I also was want a copy of my diagnostic records on hold for my file as I plan on traveling and feel if I were to fall ill with GI issues having some of my basic records of my history may aid in treatment and thus avoid being overlooked in case i was say in America and had a flare, as they say knowledge is power and if i needed help anything to enlighten people could greatly benefit me if some unfortunate incident was to arise. And knowing Crohns is chronic I know being prepared in ways such as what 'm describing is a fair idea and I know there are others who do the same types of things in their circumstances. Too many times I have no record of my stomach/colitis issues and am over looked as finding the problems underlying are not always easy to see. I suspect I have IBS too so sometimes I claim Iím flaring and when my blood comes back normal they same I'm fine, it's not that I am lying about my symptoms it maybe just the IBS or something that hides well but too often this happens on many occasion to me and the more paperwork I have describing the complexity of my issues the more chance I have of doctors treating me seriously and getting to the bottom of my issue and helping me rather than thinking I am lying or exaggerating how I feel because my blood work wasnít showing high counts of inflammatory, I'm sick of being dismissed as embellishing or not taking meds and being told I'm a naughty patient who doesnít take his meds and itís my fault Iím sick. Specifically because some of my symptoms are IBS related and not all Crohns so sometime preliminary blood work will not show signs of any definite acute medical situation. This is going to be an on-going problem for me and one I will need to develop the right kind of skills to deal with differentiating what maybe Crohns colitis flares or more of the ever present sensitivities remaining in times of quiescence. I was told that I need to await my private GI Dr Martins call back to approve releasing some if any of records and have them be copied for me and then I could take and give to my doctors who needed them as required or he could alternatively although not my preferred outcome to send them to each doctor once I had given him the names of the doctors and specialist who had asked for copies of these old records. Of course it would have been much easier in getting a copy for me because then I could have copied and given to doctors as needed, plus I would have had copies to take with me when I plan traveling O/S. The reason I apparently was not able to get copies was because they contain information in them that requires some kind of medical training to be able to read and he (The private GI doctor) Thought me having copies was not suitable as I am not qualified to read such information. There was talk about me obtaining copies through using a my lawyer to fill out any necessary Freedom of information act documents making my records available, however even then that is not just a simply process and when you have doctors who will not happily give copies of records to a patient and only send them to other doctors, there is not much to do. TO an extent the doctor has a right to do so, regardless of that being a little odd an unfair if a legitimate and sensible reason is given, obviously it is the wish of him not to see certain information in there as I suspect from some notes I have been privy to read he has written about me they have contained information calling me a non-compliant patient who doesnít take his meds and who has complaints that are not in proportion to what he can attribute it the severity or perceived lack of severity in some of my different test and results. Basically he has called me a bad patient in not so many words and maybe for fear of legal reasons does not want me to read them or is not willing to have an open disclosure policy in which all matters or issues within the doctor/patients relationship are open to discussion. I mean after all he is telling my doctors I do not take medication and donít listen to him. Which is not true unfortunately when some doctors take his word for it and donít ask for my side of the story theses doctors now have the propensity to get angry and this has happened once or twice all to do with some bullshit lie my GI had said about me? So I am inadvertently having my name dragged through the mud and being given a false reputation as a bad patient. When the opposite is true and I pride myself on honesty and researching all ways to achieve good health and to be having a doctor who I have trusted with m health to be spreading lies that I am a non-compliant patient who doesnít turn up to appointments and never takes meds and is sick for these reasons obviously makes me look very bad and on top of that if he is hiding record with these statements in, which I know exist as I have had a couple read to me. I have no chance to set the record straight and have my side of the story heard and thus get treated more seriously and perhaps have my treatment at a level where i am a lot healthier. He believes I donít take my medication and thatís why I am sick, where as I do take it but i still get sick. So if he whereas good doctor he would realise that more tests need to be ran and perhaps a medicine change needed. because accusing me of not taking medication and if i di would fix it is so stupid as if taking the medications he had me would make me better I already would be as I take them, It doesnít matter how many times I tell him he think i am lying. So anyway to continue the story about the call to the secretary I asked for the notes and she said that she needed to check with the GI Doctor whether he was happy releasing them. So thirty minutes later I get a phone call from him and he asks me why have I been harassing his staff memebers and threating them to release information to me or else I will take legal action and get freedom of information act paperwork filed. I was shocked. I replied with my first comeback that in no way was I harassing them and apologised if it seemed so, I then explained how I simply would like some copies of my previous colonoscopies and check-up result with my medications listed and any other relevant notes he may have on me. He didn't like me asking this and wanted to know why I am after copies of record as it is a very strange request he though. I explained how I was sent to hospital on the 7/5/12 and had a Ct san which showed colitis and then was sent to hospital where 5 days later I had an emergency colonoscopy by one of the senior GI registrars at the hospital. Straight away this doctor i was on the phone to in the most condescending way possible said ' Now are you telling me a porky pie, I don't like you fibbing to me" I replied confused and asked him what he meant by this statement. He then said ďAre you lying to me it seems like you're fibbing because if you had a colonoscopy I would have heard about it, why are you lying to me?" I began to get emotional and said "excuse me how dare you say I'm lying, what possible reason would a person lie about something like this". He said ďwell what was the name of the doctor?" I gave him the name and he still said I was lying to him. I got hurt and mad and asked what type of a doctor does this. I explained I had this procedure done as his treatments were failing I had gotten sick and then another GI doctor saw my condition and wanted to organise tests on me straight away. He then started basically yelling me to never harass his staff again, and how I was a "little boy who needs to behave himself and I never follow his directions or turn up to appointments" I defended myself and said I always take my meds which is true, have only ever missed one or two appointments both times I was too sick to drive and let them know and was not lying about my colonoscopy. He eventually rang the hospital and found out I wasnít lying and rang me back explaining he found out I had had one but the doctor in charge of the procedure was on holiday so he never spoke to him personally. I did not receive an apology. He said he was happy to see me, But I was in tears that night. With all the stress this Crohns/IBS causes me I need doctors who trust me when I say Iím not feeling well and care for me and give me advice. Not only does he tell my doctors I complain out of proportion to how I present according to his perception. He has now made it clear to me he thinks I am a liar and non-compliant patients and during the phone call he made to me said some nasty things about me as a person calling me an " Amazing character" and not in a complimentary way he said it in the way that I am an "Amazing Character" i.e. not normal, silly, out there. However you want to interpret it. He was putting me down in ways where he didn't need to be outwardly aggressive or swear. The message was clear, He threatened to write to all my doctors and tell them how I was sick because I would not follow his medication directions and an also said I am relying on pain medication. I was so hurt I am a man and we aren't supposed to cry much. But being kicked when I'm down and particularly by people who are supposed to be the ones helping you get back on your feet is like an arrow to the heart. Given the fact I am currently in my first year studying Paramedics at a local University and have been an orderly at Flinders Medical Centre I have more than a budding vocabulary in reading medical jargon and being able to understand pathological reports and the histology involved and information about medical treatment.. And I am an intelligent, kind, compassionate person and cannot understand why I would be being treated like this. I did have a history of partying when I was younger and was sent to hospital for alcohol poising back when i was young a was paranoid maybe because of that he was he read about me he thinks I am some kind of bad apple and maybe not into looking after myself so I can get sick and use the pain it caused to get pain meds, these are all the crazy theory he has me wondering about. Because it is beyond me why I would be getting treated like this. My heart aches at how some people are. As I said I work in a hospital as an Orderly and am studying Paramedics as I care a lot of for the human race and my fellow human beings. To me there is nothing more important in this world than having empathy for other particularly if they are not feeling well. And I am so disappointed this doctor has behaved like this. I donít care how hard he has studied or how intelligent he thinks he is, for him to be handling situations like he does to me he is a bad person and shouldnít be in the field of helping people if he has propensity to talk to patient like he did me, regardless of him having a bad or not, there is no excuse. I will not put my health in the hands of somebody who accuses me of lying like he did, have staff members accuse me of harassment when I was nothing but polite on all phone calls I make and most importantly, I will not have misleading letters sent to my GP telling them I am a troubled patient who is non-complaint, with complaints out of proportion to my illness, this is confusing for them and treatment had been going well and then after his letter they became confused and unfortunately the Private GI's letter had a natural influence on them and it affected my healthy relationships with them and they were conflicted as to who to believe. I simply can't believe this doctor. I mean I had a colonoscopy told him the date I had it, the doctor who performed it and he still didnít believe me. Even once he rang the hospital and they told him I was 100% telling the truth, he didn't apologise. Change his tune, offer any sympathy or advice, nada. He simply said he is happy to see me if I still need to see him. AS if i should be grateful he will see me after all the nasty shit he had just said about me. What an egocentric prick. The guy probably has a heart the size of a flyís dick. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can handle this doctor and any places I can go to and complain about the treatment and borderline abuse I received from him? Any information would be greatly appreciated. - Tim

PS: sorry if there are any spelling errors i wrote this in a hurry as i need to get off the computer soon for my housemate to use for his homework/exams. Thanks again and look forward to any advice or responses you guys have
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Hello there,

I'm not familiar with how Australian legal system works but you need to lawyer up and sue him! What a horrible doctor! I'm so sorry for what happened but you need to stop him from treating patients ever again.
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Hey Tim,

I am so sorry to hear about all you have been through.

I have found some links that should be of use to you. The first is how to go about making a complaint against a doctor and where to turn if the recommended approach fails. You have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and if you feel that a complaint is the way to go I suggest you go about it in the correct manner as explained below. That way you will save yourself a load of hassle and back tracking. Keep copies of everything sent and document everything e.g. dates sent, to who and so on...

When and how to complain

If youíve had a bad experience with a doctor or any health professional, you should complain. The doctor may not actually realise theyíve caused mental anguish or offence, and your complaint may discourage them doing it again.

For serious complaints, your actions can protect others from an incompetent or unprofessional GP. Put your concerns in writing, complete with names, dates and places. Do this as soon as possible after the event so you donít forget details. Send a letter to the practice manager or hospital, and give the doctor a chance to respond.

If thereís no response, or youíre not satisfied with the response, take it to the health care ombudsman in your state or territory who will determine the most appropriate way of dealing with your complaint. If itís considered unjustified or frivolous, it will be dismissed; if a serious complaint is upheld, it may warrant disciplinary action and/or the doctorís deregistration.

The most common official complaints about doctors relate to:

Poor treatment: misdiagnosis, wrong or inadequate treatment.

Problems with communication, including poor attitude and the provision of wrong or inadequate information, for example about the treatment.

Professional conduct, such as incompetence, assault, sexual misconduct, fraud and other inappropriate behaviour, and impairment due to drugs or alcohol.

Medication: prescribing or administering incorrect or inappropriate medication.


ACT Community and Health Services Complaints Commissioner
(02) 6205 2222

Health Care Complaints Commission
1800 043 159 (within NSW)

Commissioner for Health & Community Services Complaints
1800 806 380

Health Quality and Complaints Commission
1800 077 308 (within Qld excluding Brisbane), (07) 3120 5999 (Brisbane)

South Australia
The SA Ombudsman
1800 182 150

Health Complaints Commissioner
1800 001 170 (within Tasmania)

Office of the Health Services Commissioner
1800 136 066

Western Australia
Office of Health Review
1800 813 583 (within WA)

According to the following information I can't see how they had a right to withhold records. You stated your intentions very clearly including why you wished to obtain the records. To me your intentions are perfectly reasonable and sensible.

If you go to the source of this information you will be able to link to further information regarding privacy and reasons why access to records may be denied....

Can I get access to my medical records?

If your medical records are held by a private sector organisation, such as a doctor in private practice or by a private hospital, as a general rule, you have a right to gain access to all the information held about you. You may exercise this right in a number of ways, depending on, for example, the sort of information you have asked for, the type of organisation and the way the organisation holds its records. Getting access may include looking over the records, or taking a copy of those records with you, or having them explained to you. In some cases you may need to reach an arrangement about access with the organisation holding the records. Where the information in your records is incorrect, you can ask the organisation to take reasonable steps to correct that information.
There are some limitations on your right of access. These may apply, for example, to information held before 21 December 2001. Access to your medical records can be refused in a number of situations, which are set out in National Privacy Principle 6 (NPP 6). These situations include where giving access would pose a serious threat to the life and health of anyone, or where refusing access is required by law. For a full discussion of your right to get access to, and to correct, your medical records and of NPP 6 generally, see the Guidelines on Privacy in the Private Health Sector.
If your medical records are held by a Commonwealth agency, generally you can have access to those records. For more information, see Plain English Guidelines to Information Privacy Principles 4 -7.
...if you cannot find a reason for your records to be withheld then I would quote this Australian Government Policy to them.

Good Luck!

Dusty. xxx
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I don't know about Australian policy, but here, I can sign a release with one doctor and he can use it to request my records from the other doctor. Seems like that would be the first thing to do. I wouldn't make waves until after the records had been released.

He sounds like some of my doctors back when I was undiagnosed. They didn't know what I had so they blamed me. I think most of us have heard similar excuses by doctors who don't keep up and can't figure it out.
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The statistics I see so far for my situation seem pretty good. There ARE long term statistics for the Anti-TNF drug treatments now. I'm here to make them longER.
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Duskykat and others thankyou so much. The last thing I want is trouble but I need to somehow let this doctor know how he treated me was hurtful and unprovoked. I will keep evryone posted as to what I decide to do about this. I want a resolution where there is peace and nobody gets hurt and fro this GI who treated me bad to never speak to me or any patient like that again in the future. THankyou guys - TIm
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Hi Tim

Has your GP got copies of any of the test results. Our GI sents copy all results to GP. Our GP was able to obtain copy of the some of results done by a previous GP, by ring where the place where the test was carried out and getting results direct from them.

Our GI also obtained results for Sarah by ring the blood test agency and having them faxed to him.
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I am sorry your Dr is such an ass!
Are you allowed to sue for malpractice?
I am also very sorry you are having such a difficult time health wise!!


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Thanks guys, I can get copies of my GP's and legally he is not allowed to withold medical records without a good reason. There are only a few reason a doctor can withold record and none of them are to do with simply not wanting to. However they if they have written personal notes that may have things the patient will be offended seeing this is why they are reluctant and they can be sneaky and cross certain things out with black markers. Kind of like how when the government de-classifies documents but half of the information is blacked out and un readable. I think the doctor knows I am not happy with him and is being like this because he fears I may use some of his records as proof he did not treat me properly considering I have had emergency visits to hospital not long after he has told me I am fine. As far as medical mal practice I would love to sue him or get somekind of apology from him as him and his staff have treated me like I am some crazy lunatic who is just out to cause trouble. The fact he told me I lied about vising an ER a few weeks ago and was admitted for an emergency colonoscopy and despite proof and how it obviously happened. It seems really bizarre he would call me a liar when the proof is there is writing. I don't know why he has gotten like this and made me feel this way and if doctor think they can get away with it they should be aware of patients fighting back. I have contacted local health ombudsmans and they have said I definitely need to complain in writing and I am 100% entitled to have copies of my records, it is a legal right. I am to give him a written letter and 30 days to release these copies and if he doesn't respond in kind. I have numbers and names of people who will lodge a complaint and he will be contacted by the medical board for his poor treatment. I don't think this doctor is a nice person and he thinks he has the right to tell me I am a liar who doesn't follow his directions when I can prove I have never lied and always done what he said. I think his ego won't let him accept he has overlooked my case and dismissed me as someone who is not in need of urgent care. We all deserve to be treated with respect and not accused of things that we have not done and it's hurtful to tell someone suffering pain and diahorrea and just wanting answers that they are sick because they are non-compliant. What does that even mean? non-compliant. I used to thing doctors were some type of special god like person with healing powers. but half of them are just people who had enough academic skills to pass a degree and never had the necessary empathy and compassion to truly be a good healer. Bedside manner and doctors who truly listen and have genuine care are harder and harder to come by these days. They seems to only be interested in gory or strage cases where they can get credit for being apart of. but when it comes to people with Mild-moderate Crohns and IBS it seems they want to help but won't go that extra mile when things do go according to their plan. I am going to see him in person this time next week and will discuss what he said to me and demand an apology and if he talks to me like he did over the phone in person I will definitely be making it known that he is going to get official complaints filed about him and I will use all my knowledge from uni course to advocate and report him to the relevant community services that deal with mal practice. I know he is discriminating me because of my age and I'm sure he thinks I don't take my meds and go out and party and get sick. Judging by the way he talks to me he thinks I'm some irresponsible kid. When the reality is I spend all my time following doctors orders and staying away from anything that is bad for us people with IBD's. I have given up alot since my diagnosis I no longer drink, I limit my soft drink and junk food and for him to go and tell me I am non-compliant and don't do what he says was so hurtful. especially when he called me a liar. I pride myself on honesty and that really,really hurt me. I exoect ignorance and malicious behavior from some people but my for my doctor who I put all my trust in and looked up to for advice to put me down so hard for no reason known to me. was very bad! thanks for your help guys. You are good people
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Wow! Tim I read your letter, sounds a lot like what I went thru over 4 years in Western Australia. I felt like a ping ball, being bounce around.

Ask the doctor if you have CHRONIC INFLAMATORY TYPHLITS, the only way it shows up is thru a feces test. The test is called a cal protenia test.

The blood work would come back normal, but, once the cal protenia test was done, results came back. Normal is 50, mine came back at 3000. So, treatments started new, and it has helped considerably.

I also found you have to ask a doctor to carry out tests. Often they are so busy they don't have the time to so and listen, and examine your medical reports .

Sorry for the mis -spelled words.

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