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Serum potassium

Hi folks

I returned to work at the end of march after a five month flair, just before I returned to work I had a B!2 jab as it was 202 and I was complaining of tiredness. I am still the same and its now 327 so I am going to have another next week.

But just got bloods back and my potassium level is 3.3 just out of range. Iam still tired sleeping around ten hours a night and more if i could, but my normal is around six hours.

I am just wondering if its related to IBS or my IBD or my MTX but I still have losse bowels and just wondered what to do.

Any advise would be great
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I was initially very tired after receiving B12 shots. I have no idea why. I think it takes time to build up in the system.

My potassium is always low even in remission. I take potassium pills because I still don't get enough drinking coconut water which is strange. Avacados don't agree with me at times. Good sources of potassium are:

coconut water
mung beans
apricots (I think)
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