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Crohn's & tolerance of alcohol

Couple Questions

1- when u are in remission are you able to handle alcohol & i dont mean getting completely trashed - but a couple of casual social cocktails w/out feeling like u want to die a few hours later?

2- I have noticed that after a couple of glasses of wine, I dont get my usual light buzz anymore, anyone else notice this that alcohol no longer had the positive effects it used to (ie relaxing)?

Just wondering as i do miss having the occasional cocktail & was wondering if I will ever be able to enjoy that again!!!!
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Jeff D.
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Just make sure you don't go over board and make sure that your maintenance drugs if you are on any say that you can drink. Some of them such as 6mp will hurt your kidneys if you drink while on it.
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I drink ocassionally and have no problems, but I have mild crohns AND am in "remission" most of the time. I only drink wine really and I get just as "drunk" as I ever have before. Don't know if that helps, but that has been my experience.
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Thanks - I usually stick to wine as well - but have found that it has been giving me problems ever since this little disease of mine started - Im thinking about experimenting with other things to see if they effect me differently, maybe switch it up to liquor or beer
Kind of takes the fun out of a trip to napa valley though!!!
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I haven't had any problems with wine, but never had more than a couple of glasses at a time. Didn't really notice any change in how it affected me.
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hi CD, welcome to the forum.

white wine gives me a sore tummy & acid, & makes me very drunk very quickly. red wine is easier on me, but again like with most alcohol, a couple of glasses and i'm gone. i'm much better with JD & coke, & Baileys.. maybe one small bottle of Bud. but i only drink rarely - i already walk around feeling hungover with lethargy & dizziness half the time.. don't really need anything to bring it on lol
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I drink on occasion and here's what I've discovered from experience:

1. Beer. Avoid it. Makes me poo like crazy.
2. Liquor. I enjoy a drink every once in a while. Ok when I'm in remission but not ok when I'm flaring.
3. Wine. Red easier on gut than white. Can't explain why, but it just is for me.
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I generally stick to straight whiskey. That way I don't have to drink as much as I would with beer or wine to get the desired effect.
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Beer absolutley kills me and Jagermeister. Ouch. I've found the only drink that doesn't murder me is Captain Morgan and regardless of my condition I usually can't refuse one. All my friends are always at the bar so it sucks. I'm proud to say I've had maybe 2 drinks since April. Only because I've only left my house maybe 10 times since then.
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I don't drink anymore. When I have it makes my heartburn worse and makes my stomach burn.
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Creepy Lurker
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Haven't drunk since I was diagnosed. I wasn't much of a drinker anyway.

Sober -> Giggly -> Unconscious.
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A little late in the thread I know, but here goes,
Drinking a glass of anything with alcohol in it has always had a good affect on my CD. No potty trips, cramping, etc. Even, and especially, when I'm flaring.
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I love red wine and have not noticed problems from drinking a whole 750ml at a time. But i'll only do this maybe once every couple weeks with a group, if my stomach has been okay.

Beer on the other hand, destroys my stomach. Even one whole beer gives me quite a few trips the next day. Liquor hurts me too, even mixed in drinks I miss tequila so much
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i drink occasionally. sometimes i feel ok after and sometimes i dont. strongbow makes me feel ill. i usually drink wine with lemonade.. occasionally ill have a baileys but they make me feel quite sickly afterwards. i did notice going to the toilet a few more times than usual after having strongbow and becks and 2 baileys in one night ( which is quite alot for me as i dont drink much)

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I used to really enjoy my beer, which unfortunately I've had to stop.
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On a night that you can't sleep it would be nice to get to the unconcious
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ele mental leprechaun
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ha ha ha ha ha love it molly!

Have to say I cant tolerate alcohol at all on the crohns front. One beer and I am in agony and sprinting to the loo in an explosive way!

Wine and spirits make me feel nauseated so I just stay well away from anything alcoholic. Plus I prefer to remember what I did the night before ;-)


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I rarely drink alcohol, but it doesn't really bother me unless I drink way too much.

Last new year's I was drinking with an irishman. It bothered my Crohn's and I was sick for weeks afterwards. Life lesson learned! That was probably the most alcohol I ever consumed in my entire life. Never again!
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ele mental leprechaun
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ha ha ha ha ha ha wiles. Never ever go drinking with an irishman is the motto lol

They have alcohol instead of blood in their veins ;-)

*Notice I said IRISHMAN - this Irishwoman is useless) ;-)
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Got lucky last week on my b day had shots of Patron and Captain and coke. I was shocked the next day. Felt the same.
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I always enjoyed Red Wine, but noticed that I would suffer after drinking it. Switched to white - and it made it worse. Now I only drink Preservative Free Red Wine, and WA LA - No real issues at all. The sulphur preservative is something that my body does NOT tolerate at all. Oops Just noticed this is a very old thread. Oh well.
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