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Distorting colitis

Hi everyone. Was wanting to know if anyone can interpret this. My pathology report. It says diagnosis: ileocecal junction: consistent with iliocecal junction with a severely active mildlly crypt distorting colitis/iteitis with cryptitis and overlying ulceration. General surgeon said was okay and that the ulcers were resolving. Does the distorting part mean i have a twisted colon. I alway feel tightness around rib areas. Can a cat scan see a twisted colon. Also this test was done last april.
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I don't think they're referring to your intestines being twisted. They're saying your crypts are somewhat messed up (distorted). Intestinal crypts are glands that line your intestines so I interpret that as meaning those glands are affected by your disease. Crypts are responsible for producing new lining for your intestines and enzymes so obviously they want to help those heal.

I would assume a CT scan could see a twisted colon but don't know for sure, sorry.
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thanks, i read around internet and your right. Justme being over worried. Its over a year since colon test but last months symptoms are getting worse so that's why i'm checking on things. I was in denial but not now. Seeing dr. on friday. Thanks again.

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