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Ive posted I'm currently in the hospital battling c diff. Yesterday they added Vanco enemas and it's incredibly painful when they insert them! It feels like its too swollen that the enema tip barely fits and they're having issues getting it far enough that the liquid goes in. The nurse mentioned possible impaction, hemmroids or swelling of the rectum as the cause. Upon further investigation it seems like I have a lot of the symptoms of Proctitis...i.e. recent constipation, left sided pain, feeling like I need to go but unable to pass anything, etc.

Thoughts? Could Proctitis cause this pain associated with the enemas? Or what else could cause this? I'm going to ask the doctor today hopefully if he comes by today but wanting your opinions or experience
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Proctitis definitely could cause the pain with the enemas. I had terrible pain and had to do enemas twice a day.

Hemorrhoids could also cause pain like that.
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After suffering from proctitis for over five years and trying enemas and tablets to control the condition I really wasn't getting anywhere with a solution. I train a lot, to help look after my ligaments and cartilage I started taking 1500mg glucosamine tablets. After a few months of taking one tablet a day I noticed my proctitis symptoms completely disappeared. I've stopped taking medication supplied from the doctors for the proctitis and I'm still free from the symptoms. Glucasamine helps prevent inflammation of the bowel, but for me its worked wonders as I was told there is no cure for proctitis and I expected to have the disease for the rest of my life. I really hope it works for you too.
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It could also be scar tissue, if you've had active disease in the rectum and it healed up. It would make your bowel movements look stringy.

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