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This might be a waste of a post but I feel like a balloon right now... I hate prednisone. While it is helping.... I feel like I'm walking around rubbing my stomach like a pregnant woman.
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I'm sorry! I hope you feel better! Maybe u can alj to your doctor and try something else?
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Bloating is annoying - especially the 6 month preggy look. I changed the "sexy and know it" song to bloated and I know it in the humour section of this forum. That may make you smile a bit? Does walking get it to reduce at all, or does it go over night? When does your bloating appear? Mine is generally withing 30 mins of eating. I always wanted to get a tee shirt that said "I'm not pregnant - I got crohns"
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I am also not a big fan of the bloated part. I don't even have to eat much, just a yoghurt and i'll be like why my jeans too small?? but am guessing it has something to do with my precious colon being inflamed now.hope it will go away after it normalizes.
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Yeah it sucks, I know.
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I am sick of the bloating even when not sting my stomach feels like a balloon.
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I hate the bloating. My 4yr old asked me if we are having a baby the other day....made me realise just how bad it is :-(
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i usually find i bloat once i have eaten something to set it off. like even the other day i put a small bit of humus on a bit of spelt bread and that evening stomach swollen. looked back at the ingredients of the humus - sesame seeds!! i too on on prednisolone but am tapering off them, on 30mg at the moment. will be down to 25mg tomorrow. can't wait to get off the bloody things!!! the only thing is though i found my moon face isn't as bad this time, but i have been depriving myself of anything with salt as an ingredient

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