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Help, can Ulceratve Colitis cause nose bleeds?

Hi, I'm 16 and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis this past year. I'm still learning everything that comes to having this disease and somethimes just weird things have happened that may or may not be related to it. I can recall 2 times in my life that I have had a nose bleed, both of which were induced by physical means (I.e. falling on my face at gymnastics), but I woke up with a nose bleed this morning for no reason. And it may just be nothing but I'm always really paranoid because of my disease now. OH! And also my mom believes in "natural" heeling so I'm not On any of the meds the doctors tried to give me. The side effects were horrid! But I do drink aloe Vera juice and am on a mostly all natural diet. No gluten, very very very minimal dairy, and I don't eat a lot of fast food or anything.
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Hey there!

I was diagnosed with UC when I was 17 so I know how it feels to be young and going through this. Not too sure that UC causes nose bleeds. At least it never did for me...maybe if it becomes more frequent then you can ask your doctor about it. But I wouldn't worry too much if it just happened once.

What meds were you on before you went to your natural diet? I started off on side affects just that it didn't really cure it. Prednisone was prescribed after which seemed to help calm my UC for a few months. The side effects of that could be bad though if taken for a long time.

How is the natural diet going for you? I tried to do that, but on my college budget can't exactly afford organic and all fruits and healthy foods. So I eat ramen and waffles LOL. Let me know how it goes for you! :]
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I have had spontaneous nose bleeds in the past and, if I recall correctly, they seem to signal the beginning of a flare. It could be just a coincidence, I don't know.
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I get them but for me they seem to be related to my anemia (which gets worse during flares.) Do you get adequate protein and iron in your diet?

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