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'Report Card' for Patients

Jon Barry is getting an up close look at what's happening inside his body. He suffers from Crohn's disease, which is an illness that affects the body's gastrointestinal tract. "They took pictures of my colon and they checked to see if there was inflammation and where or how the disease has progressed," says Barry, a patient at Essentia Health.

All of it is illustrated in this document, which was printed by Jon's doctor after colonoscopy was completed. "I'll sit down at the computer and as I'm drafting the note, automatically the patients instructions will compile and the photos will compile on the sheet and then all the information is placed in one database where we can retrieve it later," says Dr. Robert Erickson, a gastroenterologist at Essentia Health.

It's all thanks to a new software program called ProVation, which came online at Essentia Health in March. The document serves as kind of a progress report and outlines the patient's procedure, findings and instructions. "Obviously as a novice, it helped a lot to know what was happening as a patient," says Barry. "Overall I think it's a great way for communication to happen. I think between the patient and the physician to bridge that gap."

The document benefits doctors too. "All of that information gets fed into a database and then we can look back at that database and see how we're doing as an institution and as providers with these procedures," says Dr. Erickson. "So far the feedback has been very good."

The note is available to any patient who gets an endoscopic procedure at an Essentia Health Facility in the Twin Ports. "I think it's just awesome," says Barry. "It's really involving the patient in the process."

There have been about a 1,000 installations of the ProVation software nationwide.


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