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Back in hospital - Questions.

So last night the boyfriend went out with his brother, drinking and what not. When he came home he was complaining about pains in his bowel but went to bed as it's become usual for him and he assumed it was no big deal.
However this morning when he woke up he told me it felt like he was being stabbed in his bowel, and it was the worst it's ever been. He's just told me that he's asking his mum to take him to the hospital because he can't take it. What could be causing the pain? Should I be worried?
Him going in hospital is the worst part of his illness for me, any support would be appreciated, thanks guys.
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Hayleymariex, could be an obstruction but best to wait & see the outcome of his stay in hospital.
Here's hoping your boyfriend will be returned to you really soon in better health.

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Hi Hayley
Try not to worry, your boyfriend is in the best place for his condition.
He might have an infection or abscess or could be obstruction.
Whatever the diagnosis they will get him better in the hospital and he'll be home soon with you.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
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Thank you both Been to see him just now, and safe to say, I'm not impressed. The hospital are giving him 15mg of codiene, when he is prescribed 60mg. He hasn't been given tramadol, which is what he actually is prescribed for pain, and the hospital don't have the main meds that he needs (aza-something or other i think.) Luckily he's now being moved to a gastro ward, so hopefully he'll make better progress there. Fingers crossed this is all it takes for the NHS to pull their finger out and actually help him for once.

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