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Nasal Ulcers?

I was recently diagnosed with UC and today, in the midst of my suffering, found this forum. Ive been reading about all the different symptoms of UC and am finding more and more, things I thought other conditions I have, may be related to my UC. I get an occasional ulcer on my tongue, like when you bite the side and get the little swollen "taste bud"-looking ulcer, but I have been getting what I thought were pimples inside of my nostrils. I assumed they were pimples.or ingrown hairs, but I also get these ridges of cartilage on the center divider of my nostrils, but ill cover that later. In the past 6months I have been constantly getting these extremely sensitive sores, that look like a pimple or ant bite, but as I'm typing this.realize they look exactly like the ones I get on my tongue. Over the past few weeks they have become more frequent and after all of the other weird, associated symptoms ive read about, I'm wondering if nasal ulcers are possible? The ones that I currently have feel like dried snot, after a runny nose, when I go to blow my nose and the dried snot has hairs clumped together in it. When I squeeze my nostrils to blow my nose I feel a stabbing or hair-pulling sensation. Ive looked at these recent ones and it looks like a rough patch on the skin inside my nostril. I have 2 in one side and 1 in the other and they are driving my nuts.
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On the cartilage ridges - it seemed like, for most of my adult life, every year around fall, I'd get this ridge on the inside of my nose, that wasn't skin, but wasn't dried mucus either, and would feel like my nose was cracking from blowing it too much, but it was these ridges-one in each nostril. They also give the sensation that my nose is about to run as well. I have to wait for them to grow out enough (2-3mm from the surface, before I can get ahold of them with tweezers and basically rip them out. It is very painful, but all pain is relieved within 2 days. I have asked a Dr about this, not if it is related to my UC, and not a specialist, and they said that basically, it looks like cartilage growing almost like a skin tag, and that what I was already doing is all I can do. Just remember to sterilize everything to avoid infection. Just for the record, I don't sniff or inhale any illicit materials or drugs. Anyways, all of these other symptoms that I've read about got me thinking and I figured I would just throw this out there to see if anyone else has heard of or experienced anything like it. I was diagnosed with UC about a year and a half after having my thyroid radiated due to hyperthyroidism, linked to my Grave's disease diagnosis, and after my levels were in check, thyroid-wise, I was still suffering from my stomach symptoms till they worsened enough to seek help. All of this has been a lot to take in, and on top of all that, I'm reading about joint pains and arthritis associated with crohn's and UC and wonder if my bursitis(tendinitis of the hips) is caused by this as well. About the only thing I haven't tried is acupuncture, with the hip issue. I must say, I didn't expect to feel like. 45-50yr old at 32. Getting old(and I know I'm not old) ain't no picnic.
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I've definitely had nasal ulcers before too, not sure uc it's related or not but they do hurt. Try putting some Vaseline on the sores to help the pain
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yup - I just got over having a couple of new sores pop up...I also get cold sores - and the sores in my nose are like those.....REALLY annoying - especially when you have allergies on top of that and it hurts to blow your nose!

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Yeah, talked to my dad about it, he had them at my age as well. Really annoying, but there is a ...painful...fix. I'm considering it for sure though

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