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Lots of bleeding and big D - but my CRP is 4?

Hi, just seeking a bit of advice really..
ive been having severe diarrheoa with rectal bleeding since 4pm yesterday. when my bowel seems empty, i end up passing a LOT of bloody mucous.

without meaning to sound all gross.. but my bum is so sore right now. i was sent to hospital today and they want to order a sigmoidoscopy (im on the NHS) and they couldnt do it today.. after being in hospital all day. but theyve let me come home on the condition i return first thing tomorrow morning.

im just confused because my CRP was 4. ive had much higher CRP levels with a lot less symptoms. i dont really understand why this is?

i only have some abdo pain after eating, but when my BM's stop - i no longer have the abdo pain. i feel sick, and off my food. plus ive lost weight.

any advice would be great right now.. feeling a bit low

ps: this is the first time i have ever experienced rectal bleeding
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Bozzy, I don't know, but my CRP never makes sense to me either. They've tested it numerous times over the years. Usually when I'm flaring it's below 10 and sometimes it's at zero! But randomly it'll be a little high, like 17, but sometimes that happens when my guts are feeling fine. The time it was 17, my hip arthritis/bursitis was acting up, so I wonder if my CRP was elevated from that? I did read a statistic on here awhile back, I believe Allie said this, that approximately 10% of people with IBD will never have a raised CRP, not even when they're in a terrible flare. But you say yours has been high at times in the past, so I really don't know! Wish I could be more help, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in having weird fluctuations in CRP. Glad to hear you're out of the hospital - good luck tomorrow and feel better soon!

Crohn's Disease Forum » Support Forum » Undiagnosed Club » Lots of bleeding and big D - but my CRP is 4?
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