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Remicade Issues

While I was in the hospital after operations they tried remicade and my pulse jumped nad heart rate dropped so they stopped immediately. About a month later I was back in the ICU and they decided to try it again after being pre medicated then I went into cardiac arrest. I do not mean to scare anyone but I was wondering if anybocy has had negative reactions to Remicade. My Dr. is searching for another treatment and wants me to try Remicade again now that I have been out of hospital for over a year now but I am terrified and my husband says NO WAY!!! Currently I am taking Entocort and Bentyl. He tried Ascocol and Pentasa which did nothing.
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I also had a reaction to Remicade I actually developed serum sickness from it after my third infusion. Until I called the doctor I thought that I was having a stroke I can't imagine going into cardiac arrest from it and then having my doctor suggest that I do it again. My doctor said that I can never have Remicade again so now I use Humira without any reactions. Good luck
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Thanks for the response. I was not sure if anyone else had a bad reaction to it. It seems as though everyone loves what it does. I am going to ask about Humeria. So you have had success with that?
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I agree with everyone else, do not let him give it to you again. You need to look into other options.
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Cardiac arrest? Good God - I wouldn't just try and see what happened again with that one. Do NOT trust his opinion, it's your life not his.
You won't have Crohn's if you're dead - but that's not a good option. Sheesh.
(I'm yelling at your doctor, not you. Unbelievable.)
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I developed BOOP due to Remicade or possibly from the Crohn's. The jury will be out for a lifetime. BOOP is Broncial Obliterating Organizing Pneumonia. This lead to a month long stay which included intubation, sedation for three weeks, open-lung biopsy, blood clot, filter, chemotherapy, and 1.5 years of steroid maintenance.

Do not try Remicade again. Reactions get worse, not better. Any doctor should know that.

I too am on Humira. No ill effects yet. I also haven't noticed anything good yet either. It, perhaps, hasn't been long enough.
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Thank you all for your input. My dr is wonderful. He just mentioned it. He would pre med me more than last time and I would be in the hospital also just in case. He is fine with me saying no. He saved my life and I trust him 110%. What are downfalls about Humeria? I have to make my next apt with him soon and was going to mention it but wanted to educate myself first.
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Hi Paulah28. I've been on Humira for 5 weeks now. My GI told me the downfalls of Humira are it lowers your immune response so you're more susceptible to weird and wonderful viruses/infections. He also told me the benefits far outweigh the side effects at the moment so I gave it a go. I've seen no improvements as yet, but am still hopeful!
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No way would I try it again if you had cardiac arrest, pre-med'd or not!

I think Humira may be your best bet. Holy gosh.
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