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I've done strict paleo.

I've eaten nothing but lean meats, and cooked/canned veggies. I didn't even eat fruit. I ate no grains, rice, or dairy. Nor did I eat nuts. I actually still pretty much eat like this.

And although improvements were seen. I DID end up getting sick again and having to go back on medication (Remicade). I've been on Remicade for probably around 14 years. Up to around December of last year I was getting remicades at 4x the maximum doseage every 4 weeks. I broke out in Shingles at the end of the year. This kind of gives you an indication of the severity of my disease. Ever since then I've changed my diet trying to get off remicade. But I just can't get off it completely it seems. With the change in diet though, I've been able to spread my Remicades out twice as long as before. It doesn't make me 100% though. I don't even know what 100% feels like. It pretty much just keeps the pain away. The last one I ended up going 11 weeks, but I was in pretty bad shape towards the end (blood, pain in rectum, unformed stools, weight loss, etc).

I think you're definitely right that diet can attenuate the symptoms of this disease, and possibly for some people with mild cases, they can even get off all medications. But thats not the case for me.

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He's a bit picky. Eats a lot of yogurt, at least a lg bowl every day with honey sweetened cooked fruit. Also has a fruit smoothie everyday. His nuts are always blended into the smoothie.
this podcast @14:30 covers the 4 main problems (eggs, nuts, dairy, fruit/carbs) with SCD/paleo foods.
Might be worth a look to help tweak the diet......
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