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Work crapiness

Just to illustrate the culture at work and why I've decided to never return a call or answer a call unless I already know who it is and what they want...

I got a call at 8PM. I didn't answer it. I was trying to squeeze in another hour and a half of sleep to get myself to that 8 hour mark. So the phone call wakes me up and I can't get back to sleep. I go and take a shower and then return the phone call.

(Keep in mind I'm on 40mg of prednisone and I haven't taken it in 6 years and I'm exerting myself too much because of work crap... so it's completely kicking my ass right now. If I had known what I was in for I'd have taken the entire week off. I can't even drive toward the end of the day.)

"Hello, this is The ****, **** unit"

(Oh crap, it's work. Why didn't it show up that way?)

"Yeah, this is (Colt), someone was trying to call me?"

"Oh, well they probably wanted you to come in early. Can you be here by 10?"

(@&*^#&^*[email protected]^#!!!!!!)

"(Sigh) Fine."


She's not even on my unit!!!! She never even spoke to anyone on my unit! She has no idea if they were calling to have me come in early, or because they wanted me to stay home. Now I have to come in early for a shift I should have called in for in the first place but for the fact that I was too nice of a person 2 weeks ago to say no when someone wanted to go to a damn party and if I don't work it I'm an asshole because they don't get to go.

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