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Starting weekly methotrexate and FA


Yesterday, my gastro finally decided to have me try methotrexate and perscribed 10mg along with a folic acid supplement that I'm supposed to take weekly (after being on mesalalazine since forever has done little to improve my health).

I was told to have a meal beforehand, drink plenty of water and not take the folic acid and methotrexate on the same day, but the thing is he didn't mention which to take first or how long after I should wait to take the other. So I was wondering if anybody here could help me get started?

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My son just started Methotrexate and he took folic acid 5 days prior to having the injection. Hope this helps!
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I always take my folic acid on Fridays and then have methotrexate on Monday's, easiest way to remember for me. But I have been told different things by different drs the GI dr told me to do it this way but my rheumatology told me something completely different. I am taken methotrexate tablets and not having the injections do I don't know if it varies with the two. Good luck with the new treatment
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I just started as well and I take the Methotrexate on Fridays and then take the Folic Acid 48 hours after, so on Sunday.

I wanted to take it on a Friday in case it relly bothered me then I'd have the weekend to recover so i"d be good for work on Monday.
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Thank you so much for the replies Mom2oneboy and Kllyeve,
I ended up speaking to a friend of mine who's grandmother started on methotrexate for arthritis and said it didn't really matter.

KayleighMeek, that is really neat I think I'm going to try that and see how it goes
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I am currently taking Methotrexate as well (25mg/1mL) by injection weekly and I supplement with Folic Acid, 1mg everyday. If I miss more than two days of FA, the nausea is horrible.
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I took MTX weekly for about 5 years and took the Folic Acid daily. No problems that I know of.

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