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Cutting Edge Crohn's Doctors

Hi everyone. I have severe Crohn's disease and I'm looking for a cutting edge Crohn's doctor in the US. Any suggestions? I understand there are 8-10 docs in the U.S. who are Crohn's gurus. I've been diagnosed 4 years ago, hospitallized 3 times, histoplasmosis in 2010, and a gastro jejunoscopme surgery in 2011. Please forgive me if this has been discussed, I didn't see anything in the doctor review forum. I'm looking for a doc who specialized in severe Crohn's patients. Mayo Clinic? University of Chicago? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Diagnosed Crohn's 2008
Cimzia 2008 - didn't work
Humira 2009 - didn't work
Remicade 2009 then histoplasmosis
Surgery March 2011
Remicade - Fall 2011
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Hi, I am military and I'm not sure If this doctor will see civilians but my gastro doctor is the 4 th top doctor In the world he teachs other doctors that becomes gastro doctors ... His name is doctor Peter McNally, his number is 719-526-7453... We are located in fort Carson Colorado.. please call if you really looking for the best ..
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