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Breast Milk for EN Formula?

I am just curious if anyone has used breast milk for EN for their child and if it would work?

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I am not sure the calorie intake would be high enough for an older person?

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I read of one case where someone is using it for an older child. I was actually thinking of it for a younger child with Crohns. Breast Milk does have a lot of calories though.
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The thing to consider with breastmilk- is the milk fat calories change constantly for the baby depending on how many times they nurse etc...
so your source may have different values depending on who else they are nursing.
Also in tack proteins pass through breast milk- again this varies upon the mother (defeats the purpose of most EN) could irrate things
One last thing breast milk is very easily disgusted (hence infant usually eat every 2 hours) to use as EN that would mean ALOT of bresatmilk to be supplied by one person. Most milk banks would need a script.
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THat all makes sense. I was thinking about it for a toddler that is still nursing would it help in the way EN with formula helps?

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