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No symptoms but inflammation

My son has recently been diagnosed with CD. He has stunted growth and was experiencing stomach pains. He was on a liquid diet for 2 months and is now on solid foods supplimented by the liquid formula. Since starting the liquid diet he has lots of energy and appetite. If the doctor didn't do tests we'd never know he was still having inflammation. His doctor wants to start him on Remicade and I'm wondering if we need to be so agressive when he's feeling so good. I realize that if he fails to gain weight that would be a concern because we want him to start growing.
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Hey and welcome. I am in the same position as your son. I am 22 years old and show no signs of crohns, but when I had my colonoscopy I showed active crohns with inflammation. I am currently not taking meds due to the fact that I do feel so good without them but everybody can be different with crohns. I think the reason your doctor might want to go right to remicade is because it is by far the most effective for most people and he wants to attack the inflammation and prevent it from getting worse. How old is your son? If he is young is body probably isnt fully developed yet either so I think the doctor could use medicine to help keep his body well so it can grow healthy and properly.
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