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Has anyone tried Naturopathy as a treatment for CD?


I've been diagnosed with Crohn's 3 weeks ago and since I'm on a Modulen

diet with Entocort and Motilium. The problem is, the doctors want me to start

taking Imuran soon, and my mother saw on the Internet all the bad sides of

this medication (risks of cancer, hair loss, and many other

problems). They try to convince me that its good, and I get the

good sides of it, but there are too many negative things about it. PLus, I

dont wanna take pills everyday of my life for many years. They also talked

about putting me on Remicade, which is completely dumb in my opinion

because thats a last resort treatment and my Crohn is not a really bad one, I

dont bleed and dont have major lesions. So, my parents and I are

looking at the natural option, which is naturopathy. I know that with this I

will always have to check my diet and everything but everyone with Crohn

has to, right? Has anyone tried naturopathy or other healthy meds free

options? Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi Sarah

I think you will find a number of people on here who have tried or who are still using natural therapies for their Crohn's.

I combined naturopathy and acupuncture for a number of years but, eventually, my Crohn's became so bad that I had to go over to Prednisolone. But it is certainly worth trying, especially when your Crohn's is not very severe.
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My Crohn's was so bad right away that I didn't really have time to try any naturopathic remedies.

Several people have had good luck treating this way. Mine went from mod to severe very quickly.
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Yes, I am almost completely dependent on the naturopathic route for my CD recovery. It works if I am completely vigilant. You can check out my signature, right down below, as well as some of my posts and threads for what I use. Feel free to PM me, also.
Diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis in May 2011

Alternative Healing Regimen:
High Alkaline Diet; Alkaline Water; Herbal teas, especially Kombucha and Detox, for nutrition and inflammation; weekly internal cleansing (coffee) and internal probiotics/anti-inflammatory supplements, esp, Glucosamine; naturopathic and holistic lifestyle approach; color and music Tx.
Was initially diagnosed by a Gastroenterologist, but
currently only under the care of a GP due to lack of medical insurance.
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Hi...welcome to the forum. I have to say, personally I think, going against your gi's opinion, is a bad idea. When I was diagnosed, I, I don't need a bowel resection, I'll be fine. Then I had an emergency recsection. Then, again, I thought...oh its diet, I'll be fine if I don't take all these immune suppressants (pred and imuran), but ended up in hospital, with my crohns flaring, and my gi said, uc as well. Remicade isn't the last option, bowel resection is, which a lot of ppl with crohns, who eat high fiber foods, end up needing, due to stricturing caused by eating these foods with an inflamed colon, or intestines. It's up to you, but if you try all natural, keep getting regular blood tests at least, so that if your crp's are high, you can take the medication if need be. Best wishes
Diagnosed crohns disease 6 yrs/candida
Temorary illeostomy, 70+cm bowel recsection, ulcerated bowel...currently stricturing.
Meds: failed Infliximab, azathiroprine
Currently on long term prednisone,6mp,humira, nizoral, and vit supplements,b12 shots.

Love the forum
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I use a combination. I drink peppermint tea, ginger and lemon tea, and take tumeric as well, along with limiting my diet.

I had to take medicine as my crohns was too bad, if I didnt I would definitely would have had to have surgery. When I looked into the chances of getting cancer from these drugs, it was actually lower than the chances of getting it leaving crohns untreated !

Don't forget that medicine has been researched, trialled, tested and reviewed and thats why they can say a) it is beneficial and b) it has side effects.

A lot of natural medicines dont need this amount of testing so manufacturers may not give you any side effects. The one that spring to mind are colloidal silver which is touted as a "natural remedy" but is actually poisonous.

Really worth giving it a go, but don't rely on the internet pages or others to give you the best information (especially if they are trying to sell you something), and also remember this isnt a disease you can play around with as it can get very bad very quickly.
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