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muscus and smell. Plz give me your thoughts on my story

Hi i was diagnosed with crohns the 12/06 it took me a very long time to recover (i lost 18 kgs) back to normal.

im currently on the humera injections which was the only thing that would fix me. i have had very little symotoms for nearly a year now but there is one think that never improved, which is muscus leakage.

when i go for a number 2 i will have to go back 2 or 3 times to clean(it yuck) and im contantly worried about the smell.

im at uni and i cant where tractsuit pants for a whole day cause if i go to the toilet, i will really smell.

I also have a new girlfriend (3 months) that i also worry about smell and hope i dont leave a smell on her bed (sorry if too much information). Please give me advise and if anyone has the same problem or have had success on getting over it please share

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I have anal leakage. I haven't found much of a solution, but I have made Huggies Cleanteam flushable wipes my very dear friend. I have noticed that certain types of clothing can make it worse. You know those running pants that have the inner mesh layer - VERY BAD. I think it is a layer that rubs the area too much. As when I wear boxer briefs without undies (I am a girl) that area gets irritated and is more prone to leakage. But mine isn't everyday I would say it may be one or two days a week or every other week. The wipes really help clean the area very well, and I ALWAYS change my clothing if I have to use a wipe (outside clothing too.) And I try to notice if it is the material or activity I am doing that causes it.
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I have found that Donnatol helps me with the issues at hand, the 4 active ingredients are powerful and definitely not forevery one, you can such the very fliud right out of you and end up in hypovolemic shock....

Another note, if your having a "smell issue" that is very serious and needs to be addressed by a Physician, if not been already. You could have a serious infection, hence the "leakage" and become septic.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Support Forum » Muscus and smell. Plz give me your thoughts on my story
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