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Fecal incontinence

I decided to get out of the house today to hang out with friends since I've been either in the hospital or too sick to get out of the house these past few months. I thought I would be good, bathroom wise, because my friends are very understanding about my condition & will stop at anytime to help me find a bathroom. Of course, of ALL times for this to happen, I had an accident on myself! I have never had this happen to me before! I didn't even know I went on myself! Luckily, I decided to freshen up in the bathroom and when I looked down, 'it' was there. I've heard of people doing this before but why does this happen? I've been flaring for quite some time but I've never had fecal incontinence. I've been having a lot of bile duct pain & symptoms of gallbladder attacks(but I have no gallbladder)so I guess that too is contributing to this? I guess I get now why some people with IBD carry extra undergarments with them.

I know this is TMI but is there a reason why this happens?
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Was it a full blown accident or just an oversized skid? And was it mucousy or liquid at all? If your stool is liquid or mucous then some can seep out as the sphincter isn't great at holding back liquids, just solids. But if it was a full blown accident then I would mention it to your doctor- especially as you were unaware.

Also I see from your signature that you have inflammation in the rectum- that can certainly contribute to things like this as an inflamed rectum doesn't want to store stool so things will move straight through.

I guess you have been more active today since normally you are stuck at home? Exercise can stimulate the bowels. And you probably haven't been concentrating on how things are down there as much as you normally would.
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I'm still active. Not as active as I used to be pre-flare(I was doing 2 hours of martial arts almost every day) but active enough to run 3-4 miles a week along with swimming. I'm not confined to the bathroom all the time, it's just every time the seasons change my flare gets worse(summer & spring).

It was mainly bile-yellowish-mixed with some brown 'mud'. It soaked through most of my underwear. Rectum inflammation makes since because sometimes it gets so swollen down there I can't even go.

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If it only just started happening and happens again I would talk to your doc. I had a sudden issue with this and it turned out to be C Diff
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Ds had this when his rectum and sigmoid were inflamed

Plus suppositoires plus vsl#3 fixed it
But it took a long time
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