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Has anyone seen, or been referred to a rheumatologist? My GI is sending me to one, and I have my first appointment in two weeks. My arthritis has been out of control lately, along with having a terrible flare. I just don't know what to expect going in. I do know my GI is worried about osteo problems since I have had multiple fractures in the past few years after years of prednisone (crohns and severe allergies) and only being in my early twenties. I'm just slightly nervous going into it...figures I can be worry free going in for a colonoscopy but seeing a new doctor makes me anxious haha
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I was referred to a rheumatologist a couple of years ago as I have problems with arthritis and crohns. I had X-rays done and blood tests to confirm what type of arthritis I have (enteropathic). The doctor looked at all my joints got me to stand and try and do certain movements and then lay on a table where they tryed to move my joints a but I guess to check the range of motion. It really wasn't scary at all so I would worry like you said you have been through colonoscopies which are so much worse the worst bit is having to stand in your underwear but that is nothing compared to the GI dr lol. Hope it all goes well for you and try not to worry :-)
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I have seen about three rheumy docs in the last few years for health issues. I am going to be honest, all they have even done for me is to prescribe anti-inflammatories. They treat autoimmune issues such as lupus, RA, scleroderma and other autoimmune issues. I have been chronically ill for the last 9 years. I had an elevated ANA at one point and was Dx with an undifferenciated connective tissue disease. I also have other health issues with the last year having a ton of digestive issues. I have not been Dx with crohns yet. I am still going through the whole trying to find out what is wrong dance. My GI thinks IBS, but I am not so sure.

Anyhow, I have other issues like bad muscle pains, and have had elevated sed rates and C-reactive protien tests off and on for the last 9 years. I went to see a rheumy a couple months ago about all the pain in my muscles. He wrote me a script for 1000 mg's of naproxen to take three times a day!!! I was like," ummm, no I dont think so!!!!" My stomach would be bleeding within a day if I took that!! I also was given a script for celebrx and plaquenil. Both of which I will not take due to the risks with these drugs.

Anyhow, I would not worry to much about your appt. You will be fine. Hopefully the rheumy you see if insightful and knowledgable. Somtimes it takes a couple opinions before you find the right guy.
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I've only seen one once, my GP referred me to him as she was worried, symptoms I was having were also indicative of Lupus. She wanted to find out if I was coming down with that in addition to my Crohn's. I was nervous at THAT thought, but the doctor was actually very nice and paid more attention to things I said than the GP. I mentioned my son (he was 4 at that time) having just had Fifth disease. Right then a lightbulb went off and he asked me if I knew how Fifth disease presented in adults. I said no. He did a blood test to see if I had recently had it, BINGO! No need to test for Lupus. I was thrilled.
However, with all the arthritis things we have going on with our Crohn's, I do want to go back down and get all checked out.
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I've seen a ped Rheumy when I was a teenage because they weren't sure of what disease I had. I've done quite a few exams at that time (at the request of the rheumatologist). I don't know if you ever had a bone density exam[Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry] ? I am asking because you mentioned about your prednisone intake and fractures. If you have not, it is possible that your rheumatologist will ask for it to be done. I know it was custom when I was young, but things may have changed on that aspect. Anyway, it's nothing to be worried about it's easy and almost relaxing.

Then, this year, I had to be referred for a potential drug-induced lupus. I had severe joint paint and synovitis so I've been seen by a rheumy again. The appointment sounds pretty much the same as Kayleigh described. They are quite precise specialist. In comparison to many other specialists, the Rheumatologists I've had were really really precise, careful and take a lot of time to study what is wrong. On that aspect, I don't know if I have only been lucky or if it standards but first appointment would be around 1 hour to study precisely every possible joints and ask several questions about yourself (joint, skin, fever, etc) and your family antecedents.

Anyway, I'm biased as I've only had positive experiences with rheumatologists and I kinda have the uttermost respect regarding their discipline because they deal with the weirdest diseases showing such a large range symptoms. The diseases they treat are so varied and can take so many different portraits that they seem to be a bit more distant to the traditional protocol approach and listen to you more and weigh your symptoms cautiously.
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